Just A Dream

What happens when you're transported into your favorite movie? Well Alex Harlow is about to find out!
When she gets transported into her favorite movie, she goes through simple and excruciating times to get back home. Does she make it? Or is she stuck there forever?


7. Fancy?

~~"Jack, I need your-," I start as I rush down the stairs to the jail.

"Who's this?" a pirate asks that has a skeletal hand around Jacks neck.

"Just a friend," Jack says rather quickly.

"Maybe we could use her," another one says.

"Maybe," the one with a hand around Jacks neck says as he let's go.

"No!" Jack says from his place in his cell.

"What do we have here? Little Jacky fancy someone does he?" One of the pirates ask.

"No," Jack mumbles.

"Well then, I guess you wouldn't mind if I did this would ye?" The black pirate asks before he pulls me over to him and plants his lips on mine.

Once I manage to push him off, I say, "You slimy, dirty, rotten piece of shit!" I draw my sword and his clangs against mine.

"Feisty! I like it," the black one says.

"We need to get to the armory," the other says.

"Next time Miss," the black one says before they take off up the stairs.

"What were ye sayin' love?" Jack asks.

"I need your help," I say.

"Why would I help you?" he asks.

"Because, if what that man said was true, you would," I say referring to what he said about Jack fancying me.

"I do not recall him saying anything about us," he says motioning to the two of us, "Lay down, get some sleep. We shall talk in the morning."

I roll my eyes. I sit on the wooden bench across the way. Until then, I hadn't realized how tired I really was. I lay down, and almost instantly fall into a deep sleep.

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