Just A Dream

What happens when you're transported into your favorite movie? Well Alex Harlow is about to find out!
When she gets transported into her favorite movie, she goes through simple and excruciating times to get back home. Does she make it? Or is she stuck there forever?


16. Blood To Be Repaid

~~The Royal Navy takes Jack and I to Isla De La Morta.

Jack and I take a row boat into the cave. We tie the boat up and push through the crowd.

"Jack," Will says when he sees us, "Alex."

"It's not possible," Barbossa says.

"Not probable," I say.

"Where's Elizabeth?" Will asks.

"She's safe just Ike I promised. She's all set to marry Norrington just like she promised. Alex saved her just like she promised. And you get to die for her just like you promised," Jack says, "So we're all men of our word really. Except for Elizabeth and Alex, who are in fact woman."

"Shut up. You're next," Barbossa says. He puts the knife to Wills neck. I take an instinctive step forward.

"You don't want to be doing that mate," Jack says.

"No, I really think I do," Barbossa says.

"Your funeral," I say.

"Why don't I want to be doing it?" Barbossa asks.

"Well because," Jack starts, "Because the HMS Dauntless, pride of the Royal Navy, is floating just off shore waiting for you."

There is a commotion that goes through the crowd of pirates.

"Just hear me out mate. You order your men to row out to the Dauntless, they do what they do best, Roberts your uncle, Fanny's your aunt and there you are with two ships. The makings of your very own fleet," Jack say, "Course you take the group as your flagship and who's two are you? What of the Pearl? Name me Captain. I'll sail under your commands, give you ten percent of me plunder. And you get to introduce yourself as Commodore Barbossa, savvy?"

"I suppose in exchange you want me not to kill the whelp?" Barbossa asks.

"Oh no, not at all. By all means kill the whelp. Just not yet," Jack says, "Wait to lift the curse until the opportune moment. For instance, after you've killed all of Norrington's men,


Drops a coin.


Drops another.


He slips a coin up his sleeve.

"You've been planning this from the beginning," Will says, "Ever since you learned my name."

"Yeah," Jack says slyly.

"I want fifty percent of the plunder," Barbossa says.

"Fifteen!" Jack argues.


"Twenty-five and he'll buy you a hat. A really big one," I finish.

"Commodore," Jack says with a smirk.

"We have an accord," Barbossa agrees and shakes Jack's hand.

"All hands to the boats," Jack says, "Apologies. You give the orders."

"Gents, take a walk," Barbossa orders.

"Not to the boats?" Jack asks.

Most all of Barbossas crew heads out while just a few stay behind with Barbossa, Will, Jack and I.

Barbossa pipes up as Jack is looking through the treasure, "I must admit Jack I thought I had you figured. but it turns out, you're a hard man to predict."

"Him? He's dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly, it's the honest ones you need to watch out for," I say, "Because you can never predict when they'll do something incredibly... stupid."

I draw my sword and Jack throws Will a sword. Jack starts dueling with Barbossa, Will with another and me another.

One slices at me, but I duck and sweep his feet out from underneath him. Knocking him into the water. Another tries to attack me from behind, but I throw an elbow back, knocking his head clean off.

"Nice," I say before the one I knocked into the water attacks again. He sweeps his sword at my ankles. I jump to the side and roll away into a pile of treasure. I grab a golden bowl and when he lunges at me, I get it's head stuck in it and hit the bowl with the handle of my sword.

I run over to Will who is taking care of three pirates. I swing my sword and slice one of their heads clean off and kick another so it stumbles backward.

"Nice," Will says.

"Thanks," I reply before jumping out of the way of more swords. I land on something and fall.

"I'm going to teach you the meaning of pain," one pirate growls as it storms over to me.

"You like pain?" Elizabeth's voice sounds. She hits him with something heavy. "Try wearing a corset."

She helps me up.

"Who's side is Jack on?" she asks seeing his immortal side.

"At the moment?" I ask, "Not really sure." I run at another pirate that's attacking. Will only has one on his hands. Elizabeth and I run three of them through with whatever she had.

Will throws me a lit bomb and I stuff it inside the middle one and Elizabeth and I shove them out of the moonlight.

"Not fair," he whimpers. I smirk.

"Pirates don't play fair do they?" I ask.

Will takes off toward the chest and slits his hand. Jack slits his hand too and tosses the coin to Will.

All the sudden, a gun shot sounds. Jack shot Barbossa.

"Ten years you carry that pistol and now you waste you're shot," Barbossa says to Jack.

"He didn't waste it," Will says before he drops both the coin and medallion in the chest.

Barbossa's chest starts pouring out blood. The curse is lifted.

"I feel... cold," are Barbossa's last words before he falls to the ground like a plank of wood.

I put my sword back in it's sheath and rush over to Jack's open arms. And Elizabeth to Will's.

We all get into the row boat and go back to the Dauntless.

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