Gamer's Pick-up Lines

This Movella will start by just pick-up lines but if it gets some attention I'll expand upon it and do all sorts of things (maybe even recruit a few of you gamers to help me out!). But think about it... RS, LoL, MMORPG, CoD, ODST, SE, Meta and many more: we all know what they mean, but do THEY?! Yes, I may have lost it and yes, I did use a good few of these lines before haha.


4. Minecraft

1. While I was mining, I found the most valuable ore there is. My bad! There's nothing more valuable then you!

2. Not even a diamond sword could shatter my love for you.

3. If I could choose between a stack of gold, or the love of my life, I'd pick you.

4. You are the villager in a village, the ore in a mine, the coal in a torch. You are what matters most.

5. Are you the ground, because I dig that!

6. Are you a flame charge, because my heart is on fire!

7. May I do the honor of crafting us a life together? 

8. No matter how many I have, you are my greatest achievement.

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