Long lost sister

One direction based story


3. Telling him the news

Amy:" Hi sir, may I talk to Harry styles it's about his family"

Manager:"I'm sorry,but he is not aloud to talk to fans."

"No I'm not a fan. I'm part of his family it important"

"Ok let me see what I can do"

"Thank you"

We were sitting in the living room and were trying not to scream. Her mom was getting mad at us for making to much noise so we had to stop.

"Ok Harry is willing to talk to you now"

"Thank you sir"

"Hello this is Harry"

"Hello Harry I'm Amy and I have some important news."

"Ok, but if this is someone trying to get tickets I'm not going to answer anything."

"Oh no, I would never use you like that. It's about your family."

"What about my family is everyone ok?"

"Yes yes. I just found out that my family is related to yours or should I say our family"

"No this is not possible I know everyone in my family."

"Actually I'm your long lost sister."

"What?!? I don't have a long lost sister. I pretty suer my parents would have told me."

"Well if you like to we can meet up and I can prove to you that we are indeed related."

"Well it might be hard but I will see what I can do. Can I call you back when I figure this out?"

"Yes; That's fine."

"Ok, have a good day. Bye"

"You too,bye"

We were so excited and couldn't wait to meat Harry styles but then this happened.

"girls you can't go. He will think that we are trying to get tickets and leave."

"But mom w"

"No buts you can't go"


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