Long lost sister

One direction based story


5. Meeting Harry

It was 6:50 when we got to the hotel. When were greeted by Harry's bodyguard. He had to make suer we didn't have any weapons. Obviously we didn't.

We walked in the doors and were welcomed by Harry's manager. He told us to keep it easy on Harry because he was still in shock that his dad didn't tell him about us. So we agreed. We made it to his hotel room

Knock knock knock

"Who is it?"

"It's Amy Ali and Rose "

"Oh ok; come in"

We walked in and it was a beautiful big hotel room. It's not a room it's like a house it has a living room, two bed rooms,two baths,a kitchen and a balcony.

"You have a really nice hotel room Harry" said Rose

"Well thank you. Come on in. Would you like some tea or coffee."

"Tea for me please"

Ali:"I would like some two,thank you"

Amy:"Coffee would be fine for me"

Harry: "ok I'll order it. It should take 10-15 minutes"

Amy:"that's fine"

Harry:"Ok......So I assume that you are Amy"

"Yes and that is my daughter Ali and her friend Rose"

"Nice to meet you all. Would you girls like me to sign what you have there."

"Yes please" said Ali

"Well. Let me call the boys to come down here and sing it to"

Rose:"Really oh my gosh that would be so awesome"

"Hahaha ok this would only take a few minutes"

Knock knock

"Room survives"

"Come in"

"Hello sir I have you tea and coffee"

"Thank you. You can give it to them"

"Yes sir"

"Thank you" We all said at the same time

"Your welcome have a nice day"

Amy"You to"

"Ok I'm going to call the boys now"

"Ok" said Ali

Ring ring ring

"Hello this in Niall"

"Hey lad can you come down to my room I like you to meet the girls I told you about. Bring the boys with you."

"Ya man we will be there soon just got to shower"

"Ok see ya later bye"


After they finished talking we started telling about us. Like Ali's mom is single and Ali was adopted. Ali was a strait a person and I lived with my mom and my dad is in Alabama.

"Well it's getting late it was nice meeting you all. We should go get dinner some time."

"That would be nice. And thanks for signing the girls stuff for them and meeting up with us."

"No problem it was nice meeting you. Bye"

"Bye" we all said

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