The Insane Life Of Andy Biersack's Daughter

What if your life was turned upside down by one little DNA test? What if you went from a normal, boring nobody to a celebrity overnight? It may sound great but for Keara Abrams it's not all it's cracked up to be.


2. Who Is Black Veil Brides?

Twenty Four Hours Earlier...

   I wake up to the screams of my totally insane best friend from my living room. I sigh and roll out of my bed, wondering what the hell she's doing at my house at eight in the morning.

"What now Melanie?" I mumble when I walk into my living room.

   I open my eyes and see Melanie clutching her phone and rocking back and forth, trying to contain her excitement. My mother is there, sitting on the couch with a defeated look in her green eyes. She looks worried, and scared for some reason.

"You and me are going to a concert!" Mel squeals.

"Who?" I ask.

"Black Veil Brides!" she squeals.

   When she notices the confusion on my face she looks like she's about to jump across the couch and strangle the life out of me.

"Black Veil Brides is a rock group. The members are Andy Biersack, Ashley Purdy, Christian Coma, Jake Pitts, and Jinxx," she glares.

   I nod my head, still clearly not recognizing who they are. Melaine puffs and collapses on the couch in defeat. I sigh and sit next to my mother,  who looks terrified right now.

"What's wrong mom? How is this concert different from any other? We've seen Pierce The Veil, I See Stars, Bullet For My Valentine. What's so different about this one?" I ask.

   She shakes her head, as if saying everything's fine. I raise my eyebrows expectantly, since I've never been able to raise one I've always just raised two.

"You can go," she sighs.

   I hear Melaine squeal in delight and I mumble thanks to her, hug her, and raise up from the couch. Melaine zooms over, grabs my upper arm, and practically drags me out of the house.

"Where are we going?" I ask as we reach her older brother's car.

"Hot Topic. We need to shop before the concert," Mel explains.

   Before I can object she opens the back door and shoves me in the car. She slams the door and jumps in the passengers seat. Her brother Cameron starts the car and speeds off down the road.

"I'm in my pajamas," I object.

"You can borrow some of my clothes. We have to stop at the house because someone forgot their wallet," Melaine says while glaring at her brother.

   He grunts in frustration and tightens his grip on the steering wheel, trying to keep himself from killing his fifteen year old sister.

"Why is he paying?" I ask.

"Because I caught him sneaking out of the house the other night," Mel answers.

   I laugh. Cameron may be nineteen, but his parents say as long as he lives under their roof he still has to go by their rules. He wanted to move out at eighteen, but couldn't afford it, so he's planning on moving out when he finishes college.

   Cameron and Melanie are completely different people, you'd think I was Mel's sister before you'd think Cameron was her brother.

   Cameron is a country music loving redneck. He always wears ripped blue jeans, and his own pair of cowboy boots. He has red army cut hair and little hairs developing on his chin.

   Melanie is a scene girl all the way. She loves rock and metal, like me. She has pink hair that she recently dyed last year and she is never wearing anything but skinny jeans.

   I'm not a scene girl, just the classic emo. I've been depressed for almost two years now, but nobody knows. I have cut several times, that's the reason I wore sweaters for so long. But I don't wear them anymore, because I've been clean for almost two months now. So my scars aren't recognizable unless you look really close.

   I notice Melanie pull her iPhone 3 out of her back pocket and hook it up to the car radio. She scrolls through her playlist and then clicks something. A rock song instantly blares through the car's speakers. About halfway through it I'm in love with the band.

"Who is this?" I shout.

"Bullshit!" Cameron grumbles.

   Melaine grunts and slaps his arm in frustration. The grip he has on the steering wheel tightens even further.

"Black Veil Brides!" Melaine yells in answer.

   When the song ends I know I'm excited to see this concert, this band is truly amazing. She plays a few more of their songs and then her brother turns off the car.

"We're here," he sighs.

Two Hours Later... 

   I stare at one of the beanies on the shelf, it's a very bright red one. I debate for a minute then decide what the hell, and throw it in my cart.

   Melaine appears with a grin on her face and we both make our way to the front counter of Hot Topic. The cashier raises her eyebrow and Melaine opens her brother's wallet and throws some cash on to the table.

   I glance outside and see Cameron waiting impatiently by the malls fountain. Tossing a couple pennies in while doing so. I feel my ass buzz and slip my fingers in my back pocket. I pull out my cell phone and when I read the text, it only worries me further.

To: Keara

From: Mom

Don't talk to any of the band members or you're grounded. I mean it K

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