The Insane Life Of Andy Biersack's Daughter

What if your life was turned upside down by one little DNA test? What if you went from a normal, boring nobody to a celebrity overnight? It may sound great but for Keara Abrams it's not all it's cracked up to be.


8. Saving My Baby Girl

"No!" I scream as my daughter's eyes roll back in her head.

   One shot goes off and both of the girls slip to the floor, one shot, one unconscious. If they don't do something my baby will be dead in minutes.

   The doctor rushes up to the car and pulls out a medical kit, when she comes back I feel like I can't breathe. I just met my beautiful daughter, and she could die right this minute. This is all my fault. I never even got a chance to love her.

"Andrew! Hold her head up now! And Officer Pete! Call 911!" The doctor yells.

I do as told and hold her head upwards. She grabs a bottle and pours it into a syringe. She jams it into the same place that the poison was injected. Keara cries out and I hold her closely.

"That should keep her alive in time for the ambulance to get here," The doctor sighs.


My eyes slowly flutter open to an all white room. I'm laying in an extremely uncomfortable bed with a hospital gown on instead of my clothes. The first thing I see is Melanie, standing over me with a sad look.

"Keara!" she sighs, wrapping her arms around me tightly.

I squeeze her tight, sobbing like crazy. Hoping that everything was a dream. But when we pull apart I see Andy Biersack sitting on the opposite side of my bed in a wooden chair.

"Why are you here?" I whisper.

He frowns. He reaches his hand out to pull the hair out of my face, but I smack his hand away. "Don't touch me!" I shout. He bites his lower lip anxiously. I can't and won't believe that my mom is crazy. There has to be a mistake.

"I want my dad. Where is he?!" I demand.

"Keara..." Andy frowns.

"No! Shutup! You are not my dad! My dad's name is Richard Abrams! Leave me the fuck alone you psycho!" I shriek, attempting to rip out my cords.

Andy and Melanie restrain me to the bed, I start to fight and kick but it's no use. They've overpowered me. "Please! Please! I just wanna see my dad please!" I beg, sobbing like crazy.

Andy sighs and walks out of the room. When he returns, my dad walks in with him. Starring at me like I'm some kind of stranger. He walks over to me and I try to hug him, but he takes a step back.

"Daddy! What's wrong?" I sob.

"I'm not you dad Keara. I'm sorry but I can't raise another man's child," He whispers, turning to walk towards the door.

"No! No! Don't leave me daddy please! I love you please come back!" I scream, tearing my cords out of my arms and attempting to grab him.

Andy grabs my torso, preventing me from reaching my dad. I elbow him hard in his stomache, and he doubles over. I fling my arms over my dad.

"Daddy! It's not true it's not true! Please! Don't leave me!" I sob.

He lightly removes my arms from him. "I'm sorry baby. But I just can't do it," He whispers, tears rolling down his cheeks.

I cry out and try to grab him again, but Melanie grabs me and holds me, letting me sob and shriek into her shoulder while she strokes my hair soothingly. I helplessly watch the man that raised me since I was a baby walk away, totally abandoning me.

I turn around and start lashing out on Andy. Clawing at his face and kicking him anywhere I could. He shoves me back and a couple doctors attempt to restrain me to my bed.

"This is all your fault! You should've just left me the fuck alone you bastard! I hope you die! I wish you would just die!" I shriek/sob into the sheets as the doctors lie me face down on the bed.

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