Everyday Is A Second Chance

Maya is Cameron Dallas's little sister. One accident can change her life forever
Just a warning, there is going to be some swear words but I'm basically not saying them, instead having Astrid's there


2. Chapter Two

Chapter 2


I'm out of surgery and into the intensive care unit. My parents were sitting in the waiting room, with Cameron. His eyes were blood shot, and he kept looking at his phone.

A little later, Cameron got up and brought his phone to his ear. He left the waiting room and walked down the hallway. I followed him down the hallway and saw him go to this private garden area.

"Nash...bro...my sisters in the hospital....she's on the verge of dying..." He said into his phone.

"Cameron...dear....I think you should go see Maya..." My mom said to Cameron.

He looked at her and nodded. My mom walked away and I saw my dad by the door. His eyes were like Cameron's and my moms...blood shot.

"Okay Nash...my parents will be in the waiting room. I'm going to be in the ICU visiting my sister...yes I'm going to be the first visitor...yes...okay...bye."

He hung up and ran his hand through his hair. Cameron made his way back to the waiting room and straight to the ICU. The nurses opened the door and led him to where I was.

"Here you go, Mr. Dallas." One of the blonde nurses said.

Let me tell you, their are a lot of blonde nurses in my part of the ICU. He held my hand and looked around. All you heard were the machines and the pouring rain.

"Maya...I love you...please don't leave me..." Cameron said.

Cameron stared off into space until a nurse walked in. She told him that visiting hours were over but he can still wait in the waiting room with the rest of my family and friends. He kissed my forehead and walked away. Hands on his pockets and his back slumped. I've never seen Cameron so down before...it's like...I'm the only one revolving around his world at the moment.

"Cameron...honey....Maya will be alright.,,she's a strong girl...you just have to be patient..." I heard my mom say to Cameron after he sat down.

"I just wish that everything was back to normal and that this never happened...how's Andrew??" Cameron responded.

My mom leaned in and whispered something to Cameron, but I didn't hear what she said. I didn’t want to worry about anyone else except myself. Although I want to live, I also want to know what happened to Andrew…

“Mom...should I tell Maya...you know while she’s in her coma?” Cameron asked.

“No...well I don’t know. Do you think it will make her want to keep on living or want to die?” Dad piped in.

"I want to tell her mom...she has to know..." Cameron said quietly.

After that everyone was silent. Nash and his family walked in and sat down by my family.

"Dude...what happened?" Nash asked.

"A truck driver wasn't paying attention and ran through the red light and straight into Andrews car, on Maya's side...I'm surprised that she wasn't that hurt...."

"What happened to Andrew?"

Cameron whispered something into Nash and I'm guessing it's something about Andrew. I want to know but I should wait to find out until I'm much better.

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