Everyday Is A Second Chance

Maya is Cameron Dallas's little sister. One accident can change her life forever
Just a warning, there is going to be some swear words but I'm basically not saying them, instead having Astrid's there


7. Chapter Seven

Chapter 7


Maya’s POV: I knew that Cameron and Matt were staring at me. I could feel my heart start pounding faster, whenever I felt Matt's eyes on me. I need to wake up...I need too...but I don't know how...

"Cam...I need to see your sister...it's killing me...I need to see her.." I heard Matt say, as he broke the silence.

"I'm trying...the nurses are being too stubborn and won't let you see her..." Cam responded.

"Where's the head nurse!?!" I heard a similar voice yell.

I know that voice, I just don't remembers who's voice it is. Blonde hair ran down a hallway but I couldn't see her face.

"M'am can you please calm down?" One of the nurses said.

"Calm down!?! My God-Daughter is dying in their and you want me to calm down!?" The women said.

I saw the head nurse run down the hallway and start to talking to my godmother. She talked with aunt Amy for a while. Then the head nurse nodded her head and walked away.

Aunt Amy opened the ICU doors and looked around. She closed the window curtains and turned on the lights. Then she motioned Matt and Cameron into the room. Aunt Amy sat on the bed and moved my hair out of my face.

"Matt..." Aunt Amy said. "Come here."

Matt walked over and Amy moved out of the way. He sat down next to me and took my hand, gently. Cameron got a little tense but not really.

My aunt had some bags under her eyes and her hair was all over the place. I just took the time to look.

"Where's Jackie? Is she with uncle Dan?" I thought.

Jackie's my ten year old cousin that moves from my aunts house to my uncles house because they're divorced.

"Cameron...let's give Matt and Maya some privacy..."

Cameron and aunt Amy left the room. Matthew didn't say anything for a few minutes. His eyes started watering and he but stayed silent. Matt all of a sudden started sobbing and laid his head on the hospital bed.

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