Everyday Is A Second Chance

Maya is Cameron Dallas's little sister. One accident can change her life forever
Just a warning, there is going to be some swear words but I'm basically not saying them, instead having Astrid's there


11. Chapter Eleven

Chapter 11


Maya's still in a coma. It's been almost two months. I’ve visited her every single day, but she just stays the same way she’s always been. I also really want to kiss her but I know i can’t since its an invasion of personal space.

“Cam...what if Maya doesn’t wake up?” I asked one day.

“Matt, she will. Just believe. But I also need to tell you something,” Cameron responded.

Cameron led me to the front of the hospital. We sat down on the bench and he had some tears in his eyes. People walked by but didn’t notice us at all.

“The doctor told me that they’re going to try to wake up Maya out of her coma but if that doesn’t work, then it’s life support. He also said that they aren’t going to keep Maya on life support for long. Nurses told me that the only way that she can wake up, is if someone she loves loves her back, then it’ true love.”

‘What about family?”

“Doesn’t work that way, apparently.”

I thought very hard on what I could do. I don’t think Maya will ever love me. I don’t think she likes me the way that I like Maya.


Maya’s POV: I heard Matt and Cam leave, but I still couldn't open my eyes or get out of this coma. I couldn't figure out how to get out of my coma. I want to see my family, see all of my friends, but I especially want to see Matt.

"Okay. Matt. Try it. Don't worry about what happens," I heard Cam say.

"But what if she doesn't love me Cam?" Matt said.

"Wait...Matt...loves me?" I thought.

Cam and Matt talked for a few minutes. I could feel my heart start to race. Usually it's normal around guys, but around Matt...well it's different.

"Dude...what are we going to tell her about Andrew?" I heard Matt ask.

"I don't know...I have to tell her something else though..." Cam responded.

"I just feel bad for Maya. What is she going to do...when she finds out."

"I don't know. Her and Andrew were really close since I can remember. Now...I don't know..."

That's where everything hit me. Andrews dead and Cam's hiding something from me. Do I want to live or die? My life isn't in god's hands anymore. God put my life into my own hands. It's my decision. Do I live or die...?

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