Music, Lights, Love

A young woman walking through the streets of Paris.


1. Music, Lights, Love

I hugged my knees to keep out the biting cold. Looking up at the night sky, illuminated by the eiffel tower and planes soaring high above, I truly understood why Paris is called the city of light. I closed my eyes and listened to the serenade of buskers on violins and acoustic guitars. The endless streets of classy cafes, and the pulsing music, like a heartbeat, made my head spin. Pulling the hood of my parka tightly over my head and shoving my hands deep into my pockets for warmth, I stood up and started on a walk. Everywhere I went, I could hear the songs of love and happiness. I tossed a coin into the guitar case of a musician, and walked on. The chill of nightfall danced up and down my spine, but to me, it felt more like excitement and thrill. I quickened my pace to get back to my apartment, but suddenly a man stepped out of the shadows, brandishing a knife. He growled at me, he wanted my purse, but I panicked and froze. He advanced, saying if I didn’t give him my money it would be worse for me. I fumbled through my pockets, then realising with horror I had dropped my purse on the way to my apartment. Suddenly a young man stepped out from behind me, and told the mugger that it was late, and they should be getting home. He replied that he shouldn’t try being smart, and that he was armed. The young man replied, so was he, then he took out a wallet and flipped it down revealing a police badge. The muggers eyes widened in shock, he turned tail and ran, dropping the weapon and sprinting down the alley he had been lurking in. The policeman chased, and caught him. After he had taken him to the station, he came back to make sure I was all right.


That was three years ago, and now I’m married to that man.


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