Living with the Janoskians

This is what would happen if a girl lived with The Janoskians


9. Pranks

I walked downstairs and Luke was lying in the middle of the floor. My heart dropped and I screamed,"LUKE!!!!" And then he sat up and said,"Oh sorry. I'm bored." I put my hand over my heart and sighed in relief and laughed and said,"Fuck you." "I'm booooorredd!!!" He complained. "Wanna watch tv?" I asked. He just moaned. "Wanna eat?" I asked. He moaned again. "Wanna prank the shit out of the boys?" I asked. He lifted his head and raised his eyebrows. I laughed and then we started planning the pranks. We went out to the dollar store and bought so much crap and the boys were still asleep when we got back. We started setting up the pranks. We put a huge fake realistic tarantula on Beau's bed(he's terrified of them.) We put a box of Cheese it's on a tray on Daniel's side of the bed but they were filled with meal worms and there was note on the tray that said:


Love you! Enjoy!


We put a mini pie on Jai's side of the bed but stuffed it with gross slimy worms. We put a fake huge snake on James' bed since he's terrified of snakes. Luke and I then put buckets of hot chili pepper sauce on top of their doors so when they open their door they'll get burnt. Then we buttered the floors so if they try to run they'll slip and fall and downstairs we hid all of the cups, water bottles, milk, or any liquid but there were 4 cups that looked like they were filled with water but it was vegetable oil. We also locked every bathroom so they couldn't get any water and we clogged the kitchen faucet and locked the fridge. We sat on the couch and all of a sudden heard a scream and banging around and we heard someone fly downstairs. It was Jai. He chugged down the veggie oil and then vomited it back up in the cup and Luke and I just laughed. Then we heard Daniel scream and he ran downstairs and chugged down the veggie oil and then spit it back out. Then James came running down and chugged down the veggie oil and spit it out in the sink. All of a sudden we heard this super loud scream and then Beau came trampling down the stairs and he took a huge gulp of the veggie oil and started gagging and vomited it up. Luke and I laughed so hard and then high fived eachother.

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