Living with the Janoskians

This is what would happen if a girl lived with The Janoskians


13. Finding Her

Beau's POV

Bailey finally left so I went to Emily's door and knocked on it. She didn't answer. I sighed and leaned against her door and slid down and teared up. "Look Emily...I'm sorry for hurting you...I don't know what's wrong with me and why I'm so fucked up. I just want you to know that I love you." I said through the door. No response. Wow she must really hate me. I don't blame her though. I put my head against the door and waited. And waited. And waited. I finally went back to my room and sat on my bed. Then I saw a key to the bedrooms on the floor. I stared at it for a while and then grabbed it and went to Emily's door. I slowly unlocked the door and opened it expecting to see her sound asleep but I didn't. I didn't see her. I looked under her bed, in the closet, under her blankets. Then I saw a note on her bedpost. I read it and tears flooded my eyes. I saw the open window and rushed to it and looked out of it and screamed,"EMILY!!! EMILY COME HOME!!! STOP PRANKING ME AGAIN!!!" But there was no response. Tears started falling down my cheek. She actually left! I didn't know what to do! I called for the boys and they immediately came up and I told them about Bailey and how I didn't know that it was a prank and about the note and how she ran away to fly over to her parents' house. Daniel stumbled back and whispered,"This is all my fault." "No it's not. It's mine." I said. "No you don't understand!!! I came up with the fucking prank!!! Beau, she's gone cause of me..." He said. I looked at him confused and was about to throw a punch at him but then remembered I was the reason she left. "'s my fault...I physically hurt her..." I sadly confessed. It was all silent. The boys were all confused, pissed, depressed, and surprised at the same time. Luke tried to beat me up but the boys held him back and he yelled,"YOU HURT OUR BABY!!! YOU HURT HER!!!" And then he fell to his knees and cried so hard. I've never seen him do this. I ran out of the room and grabbed my keys and ran to my car and sped to the airport.

Emily's POV

I went through the security and then sat in a chair waiting for my plane to get called. I got on my phone and blocked the Janoskians and logged out of everything. A tear escaped my eye and fell on my lap. I put my face in my hands and silently sobbed. I sat there for about an hour and then my flight got called. I got up and forced myself to walk. I got in line to scan my ticket. I was in the back of the line and then I got closer closer and closer. This is it Em. You're leaving. I got up there and the man said,"Ticket please." I didn't give it to him at first and then he said,"ma'm I need your ticket." I slowly handed it to him and he was just about to scan it until I heard someone scream,"EMILY!!!!" I turned around to see Beau. I stood there in shock and then dropped all of my stuff and jumped into his arms with my legs wrapped around his waist. He held me so tight and I felt safe in his arms. I couldn't help it and sobbed on his shoulder and kept saying,"IM SO SORRY!!! IM SORRY BEAU!!!!" I kept saying sorry and then I got off of him and he gripped my shoulders and looked into my eyes and said,"Ssshhh. Emily it's ok. I'm not mad. I'm the one who should be saying sorry. I'm not mad at all. I love you so much words can't describe and the other boys do too. When they figured out you left they tried to beat me up and kill me. We love you Em." That's the nicest thing ever! I didn't go on the flight and unblocked the Janoskians and turned on my apps and Beau and I went home. The boys tried to make dinner...they tried. But we just ended up ordering pizza. Beau told Bailey to fuck off and her reaction was pretty funny. And everything went back to normal.

The End💖

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