Living with the Janoskians

This is what would happen if a girl lived with The Janoskians


10. A Bit Too Far...

Luke and I were laughing so hard that we fell to the ground holding our stomachs and tears were streaming down our face. "FUCK!!!" Beau yelled. He vomited again in the sink and Luke and I were dying. After we pulled ourselves together we unlocked the bathroom doors, put all of the cups in their original place, unclogged the kitchen faucet, and unlocked the fridge. We went on with our day and they made Luke and I clean up the mess we made which I thought was pretty fair. I was watching tv alone and then Daniel came up to me and said quietly,"I just thought of the best prank ever!" I smiled and said,"What is it?" "Ok so we're gonna trick Beau and we're gonna pretend to be having sex and he'll see us and get super mad and then we'll wait 4 hours and then tell him that it was a prank." He said. "How bout 24 hours?" I said. Might as well really trick him. "Um are you sure? 24 hours might me a bit risky." Daniel said. "Nah it'll be all good." I said assured. "Ok fine." He said. "When will we do it?" I asked. "How about tonight?" He said. "Sounds great. How about we get one of the boys to make him come in my room and we'll be doing it?" I said. "Awesome!" He said.


That night

Beau's POV

I sat down on the couch upstairs and got on my phone and tweeted a bit and got on Instagram and then James said,"Hey Beau will you go get Emily?" I sighed and then got up and walked to her room. I heard some noise in her room and then tried to open the door but it was locked. "Emily??? What are you doing in there?" I asked. The noise kept going. I was horrified of what I heard. Moaning, banging on the walls, gasping. I knocked louder and yelled,"EMILY OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!!!!" The noise stopped and I heard Daniel say,"Oh shit." The door unlocked and their hair was all messy and the room was a disaster and her shirt and pants were off and Daniel's shirt and pants as well. "Beau I can explain! It was an accident!" Emily said. "Ya right." I said with tears filling my eyes. I went to my room and locked the door and sat on the edge of the bed with my head down and anxiously rubbing my fingers through my hair. Tears started to fall on my legs. How could she do that? She said she loved me...but I was wrong.

Emily's POV

Daniel and I were snickering in my room. We didn't actually touch eachother. We just made noises and banged the wall. I made myself tear up and knocked on Beau's door. "Beau...please let me in. I'm sorry." I said. No response. I sighed and then walked away and Daniel and I kept snickering. Ooh we got him good. Can't wait until tomorrow to tell him it was a prank. I finally went to sleep and slept so good.

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