The Hatter problem

Febris Till is a Detective. A brilliant one. When an Alice in Wonderland themed murder takes place who was the murderer? Who's innocent? Who's dead?


2. Beheadings!

Get me some clean clothes from my house, sorry 4 worrying u. - FT . . .



I heard a faint buzz, then a thump and then a door slamming shut. I smiled. The nurse grinned to herself (I have no idea why though). In half an hour Cameron rushed in. I got changed and exited we left the hospital. Calling I called Lucas to see what all the missed calls were about. He picked up on the second try.



'Ah, Febris. Your awake! You need to come to the address 26 Goldfinch way, Shindon, London, BR6 6NF.’ I agreed and Cameron and I made our way to the address. When we got there I saw ambulances and police cars surrounding the area, police tape everywhere. I grinned, just what the Detective needed. I stumbled into the house and found Macarthy.

'Okay, who died?' I asked like an excited child on Christmas.

'India and Roman Shancus' Lucas replied solemnly. I smiled even wider, I've heard those names before. The man was a "hatter", he made hats for people. A very talented man actually, the women had two part-time jobs: a post woman and a banker. Nothing fancy although, you do have power in those two positions. Able to steal money and send objects or letters off. . .


I followed Lucas up the stairs, behind me was Cameron with his notepad. I laughed silently at how organised he was and how I just winged it. The door was wooden and destroyed, it had been forced open. The room was a pastel blue colour and there was a table in the centre. There were two bodies slumped onto the table, pale and lifeless. There was a teapot in the middle of the table and a cup each near both of their hands. There was blood around their mouths. Not dried up yet; so recent deaths. It was clear from the state of them that they’d vomited repeatedly, enough that they had begun to throw up their organs.

I twirled my hair around my finger, thinking.. No sign of stabbings, no signs of illness. Nothing. I searched the room. In the drawers, behind the mirror, still.. nothing. Then I realised: under the table. I turned slowly, staring at the table cloth. I crawled over to the table and lifted the it up, glanced under and saw a hat, a bottle and a small cake. The hat was perfectly made, like all others Roman Shancus had made in the past. A retro top-hat. The cake was a small, perfect square. Decorated perfectly and colourfully. The drink looked like ice tea. A dark, rich brown. But, all these objects were knocked over and partly ruined, evidently they had been clumsily hidden.


I rechecked the table and noticed crumbs, from a cake. And in the two tea cups that I saw before was ice tea. I pushed one of the bodies out of a chair and sat there. Thinking. Then I noticed Lucas gawking at me.


'What?' I answered to his unspoken question.


'It's just that, you just disrespected a dead person.'


'So, they won't care. They're dead' I replied, confused


Cameron nudged me ' There's a thing, it's called respect for the dead'


I nodded my head, not taking anything in but thinking. There's so many possibilities of what could've happened; murdered, suicide, one murdered the other. None of these were good . I called my friend Lidia and told her what was going on. She was writer, and liked sticking her nose in other peoples business. Within a couple of hours I got a call back.




'Hi, 'Ris. I've found out about the Shancus family. They had a daughter, called Alice. She was constantly having human conversations with animals and would wander about in the woods. She was hospitalised after she was found talking to a dead rabbit, she's been there for the past seven years. Her parents haven't exactly taken it well. The Father apparently beheaded animals and "hatted" them. It's quite a creepy case.Does this story remind you of anything, huh?' Lidia rambled. That's when it hit me. I had to find Alice. She could explain some un-explained business. She could tell me what happened in the past. She could tell me if she new anything.


I made my way to the asylum. It was a tall building, with bars on every window. Some windows were blacked out. Others were as light as day. I entered the  building, already hearing screams, muttering and laughter. I breathed shakily and asked the old, frail receptionist to see Alice Shancus. The fragile woman's eyes widened and she spoke into a small walkie talkie.


'Someone wants to see Alice..' She whispered


There was a fuzzy mutter on the other side of the walkie talkie. Than I heard a metal clang coming from above me. I was getting more and more worried of what this girl might do, or be. I heard light footsteps coming down the nearby staircase and heavy, clumsy ones behind them. I couldn't help it, I was expecting a tall, skinny, blonde girl with bright blue eyes and a blue doll-house dress on (Literally Alice). Before I could even see the girls face I knew my expectations were wrong. I saw a pair of converse (without laces) and some skinny jeans and a dark green jumper. Then long, matted auburn hair similar to mine, her smile was welcoming and I nodded back. The tall man behind was young and quite happy looking. New to the job, I presume. We were led to a conservatory, which was small and light. I sat down in front of Alice and she looked at me.

 'Who are you?' She asked.

'I'm Febris Till, a detective' I replied.

Her face lit up and she said back. 'I love detectives! I've read about them. And also, your name sounds like Frebreeze' I laughed at that. The girl seemed quite sweet.

'I'm here to talk about your parents' At that her face dropped.

'They're dead aren't they' I nodded back.

She took a sharp breath ‘I’ve been here for seven years and never felt much for them. But now, I feel bad. For scaring them. You know?’

I nodded. Even though I didn’t know. I never had parents. I was adopted when I was born and was passed around until I was sixteen. Then I asked the social workers to leave and they agreed. I became an intern at the local police station when I was twenty. I also went to University part-time (That’s where Lidia comes in). We met at University and been friends ever since. I finished University and then officially hired as Detective Febris Till and met Cameron Mable.

‘Were your parents violent in any way?’ I asked

‘Yes, they would always argue and shout at me. I hated it. I wanted revenge so much but then, this happened’ She hid a small smile and I grew suspicious of this innocent looking fourteen year old girl. She could be very capable of poisoning here parents. She was agile and quiet enough to sneak into their house. I looked at her. She smiled sweetly back and I was thinking; this girl could be a serial killer. But then she said ‘Mother was always very intimidating. She would always  look frantic and glance around everywhere. Then glare at me when I done nothing wrong. One day she was really late home from work so, before I got home I went in her study and tidied it to make her happy but, she w-wasn’t happy. She was angry. I don’t remember it very well but.. I saw something, plans. The first one said.. Let me remember. Ah! Down the rabbit hole’ My eyes went wide. I realised what happened and called Cameron straight away.

It rang a couple of times then he picked up.


‘Crime scene. Now! Call Macarthy. I’ve figured it out!’

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