Half A Heart { 1D }


2. Get Ready Styles

Ariana's P.O.V.

I really need to go and buy a new dress for tonight,

I haven't seen the Styles family since i was about 15. That thought was in 2010 where harry was on X-factor.

A dress.. That's what I was getting, a dress..

My thoughts drifted back to normal, while I was walking into Topshop. They always have the cutest dresses, and that was what I were going to need.

I looked around for bit until something caught my eyes attention, I took a look at it for a couple of seconds and it was absolute perfect for the evenings event.

It was a simple white dress, not to fancy but with, open back and flowers at the bottom.

I would where it today, when my mother and I was going over to Anne's house for dinner.

I really miss Anne she was always so kind, and I especially missed Harry, he has most likely just forgotten me after three years of stardom.

I was nervous about today, exited but nervous.

3:35 pm I had two hours.

I decided to grab a bit to eat before I go home to get ready, I didn't want be stuffing food in my face in front of Harry.

Our families thought it would be fun if we all did something like we used to, we gladly excepted my mother and Anne still do things quite often and we would be going to dinner at there house tonight.

I got a sandwich from the malls food court to go, and head to my car.

Once I get down on my flat, I decide to curl my hair and put some light make up on, my mom would be here in any minute and I want to look nice.

I slipped on to my dress and it couldn't be a better fit.

I took on my shoes right when I heard the car honk, mum was here.

I dobble check my self in the mirror making sure everything looked perfect.

My hair looked a little messy but I didn't have time to change it now, I smoothed out and grabbed my purse.

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