More Than This.

Doesn't everyone hate lies? Lexi surely doesn't!

Niall Horan has been Lexi's enemy since they both started High School. That is until a new boy named Louis Tomlinson arrives at Manor High and Niall tells them to get together. Lexi's friend Misti also likes Louis but Lexi and Louis are already together. Is she still Lexi's friend or not?

During the story Louis goes missing and Lexi is unhappy and sick. Does Misti help or not? Does Louis ever come back to Lexi?
Find out now!


1. Why me?

I run out of Manor High gates, my face fuming with anger.

I run all the way home and everyone on my street is staring at me because they have never seen me this angry in their entire life. As soon as I get to my house, I swing open the door and slam it shut behind me. Then I rush upstairs, open my door and shut it...

I unzip my school bag, take out my scribbled and messed up art exam and sigh. I love art and Niall had to ruin it didn't he? I hate Niall! Niall Horan is a little rascal that likes to cause lots of trouble in school with his friends. The trouble includes me! Which I hate!! He ruins my work, disturbs me and rings me at the most weird times like late at night, even at midnight, early in morning and even in the middle of lessons! And I hate him for it. Very much.

I start to do my art homework again but I hesitate, "He'll only do it again" I say to myself. But I still do it because I have a awesome idea, I'll catch him in the act! I'll have to think of a good plan tonight that will get him into trouble... Hmmm

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