More Than This.

Doesn't everyone hate lies? Lexi surely doesn't!

Niall Horan has been Lexi's enemy since they both started High School. That is until a new boy named Louis Tomlinson arrives at Manor High and Niall tells them to get together. Lexi's friend Misti also likes Louis but Lexi and Louis are already together. Is she still Lexi's friend or not?

During the story Louis goes missing and Lexi is unhappy and sick. Does Misti help or not? Does Louis ever come back to Lexi?
Find out now!


4. A Plan, Yet Again!

I walk home daydreaming about Louis. I stroll down my street and everyone knows I'm not really angry this time. I wave, cheerfully, to the people on the concrete pavement and skip up to my front door.

When I get inside, my phone bleeps and it's a message from Misti it reads,

I'm really sorry about dinner 2day. I just was excited about dance 2nite x.

I decide to leave it and go upstairs to unpack my bag. At about 6 o'clock my mums comes up to say that teas ready. I run downstairs and my phone bleeps and this time it's Niall. I leave it because it's chainmail but then he rings me. I get up from the table with my strawberry ice-cream and accept the call.

"Who is it? Oh wait! It's Niall, as usual!" I say, trying to be sarcastic.

Haha! Me? Sarcastic, I can't be sarcastic to save my life! Anyways,

"Ha! Funny, not! Louis said your hot!" Niall says laughing. At the end of the phone I know he's grinning as well as laughing.

"Oh! Really? Well, take him to my locker and I'll be waiting." I say, with a tiny smirk on my face.

"Alright! See you there!" He says agreeing.


I rest well that night. Looking forward to tomorrow.


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