Alpha Wars

Ace and Hailey are mates...
They're also both equally arrogant Alphas. Can they push there pride aside and have their happily ever after or will they get caught up in their Alpha Wars?...


5. Late at night

At night when everyone had gone to bed I heard a voice inside my bed.

'Hey gorgeous', came Ace's voice. A grin broke across my face, even his voice could make a cloudiest of days, sunny again.

'Wait, who is this?' I reply, my grin getting wider.

'It's Ace,' Ace's voice sounded slightly hurt in my head my head, 'Don't you remember your own mate?'

His voice pained my heart; maybe it wasn't such a good idea to tease him.

'Ace I was kid-' I started, when a dark figure that lungs over me. I scream, thrusting against the strangler but they restrain my hands above my head.

I begin to cry out for help and even go as far as mind linking Mathew when I realise the figure is in fact Ace. How the hell did he get into my room?

I turn my head and notice the window is slightly open.

“Ace you sly, sly fox, breaking into my room in the middle of the night.” I tut, teasing him. He grins before removing the blanket on top of me so that there's nothing between us. He plants a kiss on my bare stomach where my shirt had rolled up, causing me to take in a sharp intake.

I am majorly regretting not wearing any pyjama pants to bed because Ace is position in between my legs and I'm having a difficult time controlling my wolf.

He kisses my stomach again, lower this time. I bite into my lip to stifle a growl.

“Ace,” I whisper his name.

His hazel eyes jolt up at the sound of his name to meet mine, they seem to twinkle in the moon light.

“So now all of a sudden you remember my name.” he states.

I'm about to reply with on of my famous snaky comments when his lips connect with my neck and I forget what I was about to say. Dammit I forgot what my name is. His lips feel like fire on skin and with each passing second my body grows hungrier with need.

A sharp knock on my door cuts through the atmosphere. I'm about to get up to go get it; Ace pushes me back down on the bed.

“Ignore it,” he groans against my neck and my eyes flutter close at the sound of his husky voice. I guess he's having a hard time controlling his wolf also.

I want to reach out and feel every inch of his sculptured body yet I'm enable to due to the fact that my hands are pinned above me. He's teasing the shin on my neck: nibbling on it, licking it, sucking it, kissing it. Ah, he's driving me insane!

The knock on the door echoes through the room, louder this time.

I pay it no attention as I rock my hips against Ace's causing a tingling sensation in my lower region. Ace responds with a low growl and it resonates through my body.

“Hailey what's doing on, why did you mind link me? Who is that in there with you!?” Comes Max's voice through the door. I see the doorknob jiggle but he can't get in because I locked the door before I went to sleep.

Oh god! In my short panic of thinking someone was attacking me in the middle of the night I'd mind linked Max.

“Um, everything's fine Max!” I yell back trying to sound as casual as possible but that was pretty much impossible due to the hunk was on top of me.

“Who is that with you? I can smell a male wolf in there!”

“I...” I try to speak but Ace grinds his hips against me and the words were lost somewhere in the air. I arch my back and let out a deep moan.

“Are you alright? Hailey?” Max jiggles the door handle again, “That's it, I bursting down this door.”

“No, wait!”

I pull my hands free from Ace's and try to push him off me. It's no use, he won't budge. From outside the door, I hear Max slamming himself against it, trying to break it in. With all my might I give Ace a hard shove which motivates him to remove his lips from my neck and stare into my eyes.

He looks sleepy, as if he woke up from a trance.

“Quick, get off and hide under the bed.”

Ace's eyebrows knit together and instead of taking my advice, brings himself back down on top of me.

“Mine,” he whispers in my ear while gripping the hips.

“Ace, this isn't the time!” I yell.

At that exact moment Max bursts into the room to find me lying on my back, half naked, with a guy between my legs.

“What the fuck is going on here?”

“Max, I can explain.”

Can I explain? What am I suppose to say? My mate thought it would be a good idea to sneak into my room in the middle of the night and dry hump me? Um, I'd rather not explain that.

Fortunately- and also unfortunately- I didn't have to say anything because the next thing I know, Max shifts into his wolf.

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