a warm frozen heart

I have so many short storys, poems, and other thaughts that just dont belong in a full out novel. After a long time thinking i decided to put them all together in one place. I love all my stories just the same and I dont want any of them to go to waste so i'v compiled them to one beutiful peice of my heart and mind put to paper. Has been changed to yellow for strong language


1. Old Soldier

He sat there. Only sat there. Today was like every other when he sat in his old chair and pondered his past. The past wasn't plesant and he wasn't fond of the memories but he thaught on them day after day. Even after his sight began to go a year or so ago and more recently his ability to walk left him. He still pondered on his life.

Now he thaught about when he had first signed up for the military. At the time he had no real intrest in combat. He only wanted to prove to his family, freinds, and pretty much the rest of the world that he was a man. He singed up at eighteen and never looked back at what he had left behind. He left behind his mama his pop and a little brother that wanted so badly to come with him. He remembered his father being so proud. He remembered his mother standing silently behind his father letting a tear or two roll down her face, and holding his little brother as they all stood on the porch of their little home. Pop shook his hand and mama gave him one last farewell hug. She told him to be safe. He told her not to worry about him. Then he left.

About three years after that he came home to find his mama and baby brother. That was the saddest day of his life. His mama told him that Pop had died last year. "He was so proud to see you grow up" she had told him. He had gone out that night to clear his head. He walked throught the small town and it began to rain. He quikly ducked under the oning near the entrance of a near by grocery store. He was soon after joined by a young woman in a white raincoat. by most standards- including his- she was beutiful. He stared at her for nearly a full minute before she noticed and gave him a sheepish smile and greeted him with a timid hello. That was all it took for him to fall in love with this lady. by the time the rain had stoped they where sitting on the sidewalk talking about anything and everything under the sun and beyond. By the time they had looked at the clock outside the store it was nearly midnight. they both abruptly stood up, but as he went to leave she called out to him and shyly asked to see him again. Every day for the next week they met at the store and talked. On the seventh day he told her about having to leave for duty again. She told him she would wait. So when he left she was there with his mama and little brother bidding him goodbye.

And she waited. The next time he came home it was for good. One year later they were engaged. Six months after that they where married. And two years later the little feet of their first son were running around their home.

Only ten years ago his wife had passed away and left him in the big house all alone.

A voice broke him from his thaughts. "I just got a call from thomas. He's coming home" even if he couldn't see her he knew this was his son's girlfreind. He smiled at the irony. This girl had stayed with him to help him after tommy left to go to iraq. She was waiting for tommy just like the old soldier's wife had waited for him. Then another voice was heard from across the room acompanied by a door opening.

"Pop I'm home"


Auther's note: Thankyou so much for reading the first short story of many. This story was inspired by both my grandfathers, my grandmother (recently passed away), and my great grandfather

Music i was listening to: flightless bird - american mouth

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