a warm frozen heart

I have so many short storys, poems, and other thaughts that just dont belong in a full out novel. After a long time thinking i decided to put them all together in one place. I love all my stories just the same and I dont want any of them to go to waste so i'v compiled them to one beutiful peice of my heart and mind put to paper. Has been changed to yellow for strong language


2. A Teenager's Freedom

Ellie sat on the old porch swing in her back yard outside her old home. Right now she hated that house. It was old and in the middle of nowhere. The house sat on a very long, very empty dirt road.on either side of the road was dense forest and there where no other houses or families on the road. The only people out here were ellie, her older brother, and her mother. The isolation didn't usualy bother her but today any freedom she may have gotten was taken away from her. For many teenagers a driver's licence was their one and only ticket away from their homes to the outside world. Today however ellie had failed her driving exam and was now feeling how close and how untouchable that freedom was.

The driving test today was completely bogus in ellie's oppinion. She only failed because the driving instructor had been a total sissy that couldn't take a joke. So she had hit the curb once while going back into the dmv parking lot. So what? That was her only mistake in the whole test. The instructor had asked if she was trying to kill him. Ellie had politely waited until he had gotten out of the car before stating that if he got back in the car she could try harder. She hadn't noticed that her windows where down before it was too late. He had heard every word and shot her a nasty look before entering the building. She had found that she had failed and shot him an equally nasty look.

Everything she had wanted. Going to hangout with freinds whenever she wanted, going wherever she wanted,even just getting out of the house without her brother driving her. It had all been taken away from her in one day. Now she stared down at the dirt at her feet and began to make lines in it with her shoe. she felt someone sit next to her on the swing. "how ya doin'?" It was her brother. despit beeing older and just as stubborn and oppinionated as she was he always seemed to know when she needed him even if she didnt want him with her at the moment. Lately he hadn't had time for her or anyone else. His job kept him working for most of his time away from school. Since their mother wasn't able to get away from her own job it was her brother that had taken her for her driving test. "I'm Ok." She said. in truth she was not ok. it was a rare and unhappy occurance for ellie to feel that she had failed this badly.Her brother knew how much it upset her to have failed the test

He moved closer, put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her into a hug. "Smile. Please. It's not the end of the world even though i know it feels like it." He held on to her for a moment longer before a grin spread on his face. He released her and held her at arms leingth. Ellie had felt that today was going to be a total bust until she saw the cunning, smart, and almost mischivous look in her brothers eyes. "Ya know there is more than one dmv in town." he said innocently as if what he had stated held little to significance or meaning.

Ellie jumped up out of her seat on the bench and all but sprinted around the back of the house to where the car was. with a smile on his face her brother fallowed her around the house only to find her already in the shotgun seat waiting for him. He got in beside her and they pulled out of the driveway.

When they arived at the dmv on the other side of town ellie got out of the car with one last warning to keep her mouth in check this time. Her brother watched her enter the building and he must have dozed off in the car because the next thing he remembered was ellie getting back in the car, grinning down at the small peice of plastic in her hand. As they drove home where they knew their mother would be waiting for them, Ellie thaught about the day. She would be able to go out all the time now, but mabey spending a bit more time with her brother wasn't so bad.


Auther's note: Like my last story this one was also inspired by my family. The part about hitting the curb and ellie offering for the instructor to get back in so she could try harder actually happened. My mother did hit the curb on her first driving test and failed so my grandmother took her to a differnt dmv to get her licence. All in all my wonderful family's past has braught me this story and i'm happy to share it with you. Thanks for reading. :)


Music i was listening to while writing this: smile little princess - MikelWJ

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