Boys are Stupid

Lily was admiring the butterflies on her t-shirt when a mischievous Harry gave her a peck on the lips, which took her massively by surprise.

“Ew, why did you do that?”

“I think you're pretty”

Lily's first kiss was with her Mum's best friend's son, Harry, when they were just five years old. However, the distance between their homes meant that their romance was short lived. The next time they encounter each other is 15 years later when Harry and his mother decide to move near Lily in London.

What will come of these childhood sweethearts?


1. First Kiss

Fifteen years ago:

A woman and her five year old daughter walked towards the house they had just parked outside of. The grass was a healthy green and clean cut and the stones of the path crunched as they walked over them before pressing the doorbell; their hands interlocked and the young girl clutching on to her favourite Barbie doll. As the door opened, the gleaming face of a 30 something year old woman popped around it with a huge smile covering her face, revealing her pearl white teeth.

“Allison! So glad you could make it! Please, come in” she gleamed.

“It's so nice to see you, Michelle, and what a lovely house you have”. The woman and her daughter entered the house.

“Thank you.” Michelle replied, she then directed her attention to the little girl, stood beside her childhood friend. “Oh my goodness look what a big girl you are now, Lily!”. The child chuckled and blushed; looking down in embarrassment. “My son Harry is upstairs, Lily, he's your age” she carried on and Lily nodded in response.“He's playing with his toy cars, why don't you go up and play with him?”

Lily looked at her mum for approval, she nodded and smiled.

“Okay” she timidly answered. She didn't want to go and play with Harry,“boys are stupid” she would always say, but yet she felt obliged to say yes, as even though she was only five, she was bright enough to figure out that she was an inconvenience and her mother wanted a 'grown-up chat' with her friend.

“It's the first door on the left, sweetheart” Michelle shouted to her as she began to climb the stairs, becoming more nervous with each step. She crept to the correct room and placed her sweaty palm on the handle. She stood there for a good couple of minutes contemplating whether or not to actually go in, but she figured that she couldn't just sit outside of his room for how many ever hours their mums were going to chat for, so she entered the room to find the five year old boy sat on his bed playing with his cars- his mum was right.

However, her entrance made him stop playing and turn his attention to the door where she was stood, unaware of what to do next. He broke the silence,“Hi, wanna race?”. Harry's face brightened up when Lily accepted his offer, he had wanted someone to play with him for ages, his sister said she 'was too old for racing cars', despite the fact she was only eight herself.

The two of them played with the cars for hours, Harry winning every time- of course. And boasting about it each time- of course. “Boys are stupid.” Lily would mutter to herself each time he did so.

Lily was admiring the butterflies on her t-shirt when a mischievous Harry gave her a peck on the lips, which took her massively by surprise. “Ew, why did you do that?” she asked, wiping her

mouth repeatedly to make sure all remains of Harry's saliva was gone.

Harry looked to the floor, his brown curls covering his eyes, he was extremely embarrassed, “I think you're pretty”

Before she could reply, her mum came through the door, “Lily, sweetie, we're going now, say goodbye to Harry”

They waved at each other before she walked out of the room and left the house.

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