Love Me

"Love me for who I am, not what I am"


18. why

So I decided not to delete it because if it sucks oh well! But I love this book and I think Harry and Lexi' adventure should live on.


I saw the cold eyes I use to think were beautiful... "How could you not have anything to do with it" I shouted at him and saw as his had went to touch my shoulder but I flinched away. I looked up to see sorrow in his eyes but I know it's all an act.

"Let me explain" he whispered he insane he broke me , hurt me.

"What you told me..... You lied to protect your ego, you lied to them all and made me look insane, made me look like a loser" I whimpered. He doesn't no what he's done and I don't know why. He was about to say something but I cut him off.

"I don't like liars" I spoke with all the courage I had, I watched his eyes darken. He stepped closer to me pushing me on the wall an slammed his fist into the wall.

"GOD DAMNIT LEXI" he yelled his fist hitting inches from my face. I flinched instantly terrified.

"Leave" I whispered looking down. "If you can look me in the eyes right now and tell me to go, I'll go" and I broke even more, he knows I can't I looked away.

"I know you want me to stay-" I cut him off looking him straight in the eyes with no pain in my face. "But I need you to go" my voice was stronger then early not a crack, but inside I was breaking with every ounce of me.

He broke eye contact and stormed out slamming my door. I heard the roar of his car speed off.... That's when I lost it punching anything I saw, crying my eyes out, breaking things until I got to one picture....

It was of me and my dad. I looked at it and saw his happy smile, his loving heart, and his bravery in his eyes and That's when I realized, he can't break me any more, I won't let him tear me down.... I'll build myself up I don't need him IM LEXI LOVES I can do this.

I hope.


I woke up with no tear stains today my heart was in pain, my soul was but I will not show it I'm not weak and I won't let him see me like that. I threw on white shorts but the fabric is more of a spandexy feeling then jeans. I pared it with a black sleeveless crop top that has a sweet heart neckline. I put on black long socks, I would say knee high but they were a bit higher. My shoes were the boot heels that look like there combat boots in the front and they have the thick heel in the back. My last piece of clothing was a white and black geometric blazer. I looked at my mirror and saw a girl, a girl who could pass as happy.

My long brown hair curled lightly and my make up done to perfection.


"Lexi? Are you ok?" I heard Luke's voice say while I sat down in my chair. "Ya, I am" I said giving him a half artificial half real smile before watching him walk threw the door. Perfect as always...... His shirt perfectly fitted with his skinny jeans.... Stop.

"Class today we won't be doing anything really important except I will pare you up with a partner and you will talk for the rest of the class period about your selfs. It will be a fun way of getting to know each other." What. The. Hell. Of corse I'm gonna get him I have horrible-

"Lexi loves. Harry styles" luck..... I grabbed my stuff and plopped down on my old chair and watched as Luke got paired with a small blonde, Jessica was her name?

"Let's get this over with" I huffed looking him in the eyes. "Don't act like you hate this" his voice was raspy and tired. "Im not acting" I sighed.

"This might be a new look but your still the same lexi loves..... Weak and naive, they might not see the fake smiles but I do" he seethed. I leaned in anger already in me, I'm not weak.

"Weak? No just stupid to believe your words, because all you are is your ego nothing else, your pathetic...... That's all you are. You can't love because you won't let people in you won't let them give you love. So weak.... No I'm just kind enough to give you a chance, because nobody else would " I regretted every word I just said, I called him the word he hates the most, I tried to hurt him with words.



"Lexi can I talk to you" Ashton asked making me nod and go towards him. "Ya" I smiled looking up.

"I know your hiding it, I know this isn't you Lexi, you need him... I see the way you look at him how your eyes light up, or your lips will part like you just say an angel. You will look at him like you've never seen him before.... My mom she's told me about this when I was little, but I've never seen it until you Lexi, my mom she calls you..... Hope, because you are. I know you don't want to go back to him and look stupid but you need him he's the only one who can fix you, were tired of seeing you broken. When I held you that night I knew it should of been him , I knew you wanted him, he's what you need and what you want.... Your other half is the only one who can fix you" he whispered, with those last words a tear fell from my cheek before I looked up.

"Thank you" I whispered "were is he" I asked and saw him point to the doors, I watched him Louis and Niall walking in the middle of the football field far from me but I ran.

"HARRY" I yelled throwing the doors open. My shoes slowed me down but I didn't let them stop me. I hit the foot ball field seeing him still walking in the middle. "HARRY" I yelled again but he couldn't hear.

I stopped and threw off my shoes before running again, that's when I was closer to him. "HARRY" and his body turned swiftly around but before he could react I was in his arms my legs bent and my arms around his neck as I slammed my lips into his.

"I'm sorry" I whispered threw the kiss feeling my cheeks run down. "I'm sorry" I repeated but he didn't answer. I felt as drops of water hit me making me look up and saw as it started to down pour.... Just great. I was soaked but I didn't care as ah arty sat me down.

"Lexi I can't" he whispered but I shook my head. "your other half is the only one who can fix you, and if they break you on the way hopefully there, there to pick you back up" I whispered as my hair stuck to my sides of my face and my shirt.

"I can't break you again" he broke eye contact but I couldn't take it. "It would be an honor to be broken by you" I kissed him again and felt his lips press to mine. We were the only ones on the field and it was insane.

"I'm sorry" he whispered before his contact left mine and jogged inside. I hit the ground as my body crumbled with my heart.... I lost him, he's gone. I cried and sat on the field while it rained on me not having a care in the world.....


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