Love Me

"Love me for who I am, not what I am"


14. plz

Guys plz plz plz plz plz like this I really want to make this on to the popular page and I need your help, I really really really want this book to go up i would be so grateful!

I mean it wouldn't be so hard just plz next time you read this click the like button I only want like 50 likes it would mean the world to me. And if you want me to give you a shout out or something comment below and I will.

So it would be great if you guys favorited,and liked just please do it from the bottom of your hearts!

P.s. Go check out my new book 'sadist' it's pretty good I guess? Maybe you guys could comment and tell me if I should do something about it any ideas? Well I love you guys byeeeeee...❤️

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