Love Me

"Love me for who I am, not what I am"


29. life sucks

I left early that morning thinking about what I've just done. How foolish could I have been. I forgive him, I do, but I still need time. He cheated on me you can't Just get over it Or at least I can't. I want to start over. Every time I look at him That picture pops up in my head. I don't want to look stupid going back to him because I'm not stupid.

I picked my phone up dialing the all to familiar number and letting it ring.

"Hello?" His groggy morning voice spoke making me almost break right then and there.

"Hi... There's something I wanted To tell you, I think I gave you the wrong idea." I whispered laying down on my bed.

"You-u don't forgive me?" He stuttered.

"NO! of corse I do, I-I just think we should be friends for awhile and see where it takes us" I sighed

*BEEEEPPPP* the line went dead causing me to look at my phone and throw it. Ugh he's so immature!


"Larissa?" I knocked on the wooden door of her bedroom before hearing a low "come in" I walked threw the door seeing her outside of her window. I smiled lightly as I crawled onto the roof seeing a blanket and some pillows.

She looked up at the stars before sighing.

"Have you ever seen an adult with scars?" She whispered to me. "No I haven't" i followed her gaze looking at the dark blue sky.

"Maybe it's because ones that use to fight this battle couldn't do it anymore, or maybe it's because they fade away in time. But whatever it is I can't seem to figure out how they did it". She looked down shaking her head. "God life sucks" she laughed but it wasn't a laugh of joy but of sorrow.

"Hey I know it's hard, but every one who is fighting this battle can do it, it just depends on how bad you want to win." I scooted closer to her wrapping my arm around . " how do you know?"

"Because I fought that same battle"

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