Love Me

"Love me for who I am, not what I am"


35. is this happening

We walked into the school hand and hand until we reached the table of his friends and mine, I mean who knew they would like each other. "Hey guys" I smiled before plopping down on a chair I was really tired from yesterday. "Yesterday was quite an event" Louis giggled lightly seeing if he was treading glass with that comment I giggled and everyone one else started to as well,

"Yeah, you guys didn't have to jump In but thank you those pricks got what they deserved" I looked up seeing them all shrug with a small smile. "Your like our baby sister we'd fuck anyone up for you" Niall laughs while Liam buts his arm around me and shakes me.

"And I love you, I would do anything for you." Harry spoke making my mouth fall and everyone's eyes were wide and all looked at me to him. A smile broke out on my face and I couldn't explain to you how happy I was. " and I love you" I whispered before kissing his cheek and grabbing his hand. I felt his stare burn into the side of my face after I pulled away.

"What the fuck just happened." Ashton laughed while they nodded . " oh come on guys you didn't see it !?" Cameron laughs while they think about it and then nod their heads.

"Why don't we all come to mine tonight and just hangout we haven't in a while. " I smiled before leaning my head on Harry's shoulder. "Sounds fun let's do it" they agreed before I got up and walked away with Harry to get to mr.bitch.

"Harry?" I looked up at his gorgeous eyes. "Yes baby" he smiled kissing my cheek. "Do you want to go to lunch with me today like just us" I asked nervous and I don't know why I'm still nervous to ask him things. "Are you asking me on a date Baby girl" he giggled "yeah we just haven't gone on one in a long time." I shrugged with a giggle, today's been better then the rest but it still hurts.

"I'd love to" he smiles before kissing me.


At lunch

"So babe, it's your birthday in a couple of days" I whispered wiggling my eyebrows. But he just gave me a blank expression. " I don't celebrate my birthday." He spoke with no emotion. "Well it's your 18th birthday so I have to do something" I smiled cheekily.

"The only thing I want on my birthday is birthday sex" he laughed making me slap his arm while I eat my French fry.

"Well your getting more then that."

"Your birthdays literally 1 week after mine" he spoke eating my burger instead of his making me slap his hand. " I know" I shrugged "but yours is more important" I smiled reaching over and kissing his cheek for the 70th time today.

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