Love Me

"Love me for who I am, not what I am"



So guys I had the best day of my life on Tuesday September 16! I went to a fucking one direction concert in Arizona. So I devoted my life for 4 years and this was my first one direction concert so I was excited. See every body kept telling me "your not gonna like them In the next year" well look it here you little fuckers it's been three and I'm still a die hard fan! But I really want to explain something to you guys about Harry. This has been bugging me for so long and I really want to get it off my chest.

So here I go.


So I'm in love with Harry Edward styles. Ok I understand a bunch of girls are but when I say this I don't mean I love him cause he's in a boy band or cause I love his music or anything like that I say I love him cause I do. I remember the day I was sitting on my couch and was super bored so I thought I should go I you tube. I was thinking about how my friend was telling me about these boys so I searched him up and clicked on the video of all the boys performances starting with Liam. My reaction was that I was amazed I mean he was so strong in vocals. Next was Niall's and I was thinking how adorable he was! He was amazing to I didn't expect him to sound like that but when I did I was happy. Next's was Louis. His hair bugged me so much in that video I couldn't contain myself! But other than that he had a beautiful voice. Zayns..... Aha zayn. He was amazing I mean amazing! I loved his voice but I wasn't quiet with the group yet so I let it roll out, and that's when Harry was up. I though to myself this kid was beautiful..... Breath taking and right when I heard his voice I fell in love. I couldn't get it out of my head so when I hear "OMG I love him! He just so hot" irritates the fuck out of me cause know I would love this kid if he wasn't famous, if he was the poorest man alive I wouldn't give a damn, I would love him if all he was, was his personality.this kid stole my heart and the only thing I have to say to that Is. "Keep it".

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