Love Me

"Love me for who I am, not what I am"


21. I won't let go part 2

My breath stopped and I was calm, I missed that name so much it almost killed me to here it. "Baby girl calm down" he whispered and that's when I felt the tears streak my cheeks.

"Come on" he whispered picking me up and that's when I saw my knuckles all bloody. My breath went rigged and I started panicking I've never been in a fight before. "Look at me" he spoke gripping my shaking hands and looking into my eyes.

"Did I hurt her" that was the first thing that came out. He looked at me before cracking a small smile. "You smashed her face into the wall, I think she's been better" he leaned closer in when telling me this.

"I'm sorry... But she was saying all that stuff and I couldn't imagine a girl touching you" I whispered letting a tear fall down my face just from the thought of him touching a girl made me want to puke. "I would never" he whispered before kissing my cheek lightly. He's killing me.

"Please take me to your place" I asked but it came out as a beg more then a question. "Ok" he said before taking me to his car.


"Let's get your knuckles cleaned" he spoke taking me to his bathroom then grabbing alcohol... "NO!" I yelled stepping away. "It won't hurt you need to clean them" he rubbed my arm and that's when I gave in. I leaned on the wall and Harry stood in front of me.


I missed her sent, her eyes, her hair, her curves, her lips, I missed her and here she is standing next to me knowing she's missed me. I've seen her I watched her as she faked a smile and laugh just to be nice but inside she was crushed cause I left her on that field a month ago cause i was stupid and wanted some money.

I placed the cloth on her cuts and watched as her body tensed and slammed me closer to her so she could try and release pain.

"Let me take a shower first please" she whispered with tears In her eyes, I nodded slowly and left leaving the door slightly cracked. I laid on my bed and watched her silhouette.... Pervert I know but I don't care. She stripped from her close and opened the glass doors so she could slip into the burning water. Her curves looked beautiful as she let the water run down her body.

"CAN YOU NOT LOOK AT ME" she shouted making me flinch but quickly get up and close the door. I leaned down on the door and let my back hit the wooden door. I heard her.

I heard her cry, her sobs for me to come rescue her but I couldn't. I'm stupid and I just need to face it she needs me and I need her.


The door opened quietly to reveal Lexi draped in a towel with her long dark hair cascaded around her dripping body. "Can I borrow a shirt.... I'm sorry I'm asking for so-" I had to cut her off before she started to rant.

"Of corse" I spoke chucking a black sweat shirt at her. "It's cold" I whispered and watched as she smiled lightly and walked into the bathroom. She looked so hot in that I couldn't contain myself. I missed her in my close it doesn't look better on any one else except her. You could see she wasn't wearing a bra but did it matter? No. I cant believe I lost this.

"I've missed you" I whispered to her not making eye contact "it doesn't seem like it" she whispered flicking her bangs off her eyes. "I haven't slept in a while" I added taking a step towards her. "You don't even know" she argued taking a step back.

"What am I supposed to say lexi? Your so stubborn just forgive me because we both know we need each other" I raised my voice already getting pissed. This girl doesn't know what she does to me and I hate it.

"Sorry maybe?. You don't understand how bad you hurt me, I sat on that field and cried because I did forgive you but you can't seem to forgive your self. I shouldn't forgive you for what you did but I know deep down inside there's a reason why I did. I cried every night having Luke hold me when it should of been you. I woke up screaming cause that night replayed over in my head. I'm not fine without my best friend but what hurts me the most Harry is that you are." Her voice was a whisper by the end, and my air was gone, she's right every god damn word but I'm such a pussy I wouldn't admit it.

"Lexi.... I'm so-" and I was cut off again quickly to. "Save it Harry. For someone who deserves it, and apparently that's not me" a tear slipped from her eye and I couldn't think she doesn't understand how much I adore her.

"Don't you get it it's you. You! Your the one who deserves my sorrow" I spat and before she could say something I slammed my lips to hers feeling the fire on my skin. She didn't kiss back. "Please" I begged and her lips found movement and our lips were magic.

She broke the passionate kiss to fast and looked at me with her hazel eyes. "If you can say that didn't mean anything to you then I'll let you leave" I whispered.

"I'm scared.... I'm scared you will leave me again" she whispered

"Some one once told me that your other half is the only one who can fix you and if they break you on the way, then hopefully their, there to pick you back up" my words might be simple but to her there everything she wants me to say. I watched as her lips connected with mine softly and sweetly.

"That's all I wanted to here" she whispered threw the kiss before breaking it and looking back down at her knuckles.

"I'm sorry I got in a fight..... I didn't mean to be trashy" she put her head down like she broke the law and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. God I've missed her. "Lexi...... Shh" I chuckled lightly before looking back into her eyes seeing there gray ish. With a tint of blue and brown. They were breathtaking.

"Your eyes" I smiled lightly at the sight. " they change with my feelings" her voice was fragile. I looked down after she finished cause he was probably sad.

"Do you know what I'm feeling?" She asked "horrible, used-" I cut myself off not able to finish my statement. She tilted my head up to meet those smokey eyes.

"Fixed" she smiled at me kindly but softly.

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