Love Me

"Love me for who I am, not what I am"


7. chapter3

"I'm taking you out tonight" he spoke not breaking his gaze from the road. "I'm that's not how you ask me Harry" I rose an eyebrow at him while I buckled up. "Will you go out with me tonight at 7" his voice was layered with sarcasm "I guess" I sighed trying to hide my excitement.


"MOM" I yelled but no response indicating she was still at work see my dad passed away when I was 7 years olds from a car accident so it's just been me and my mom. I ran upstairs and checked the team seeing it's 4:51 so I decided to text my mom


*mom I'm going out tonight! Had a great first day*

* that's great baby love you and be safe*


I walked to my closet so I could pick my outfit and decided on a light peach dress the top being bedazzled and these peach-ish nude-ish wedges. I walked to my vanity and fixed my make up, put on more lipstick and fixed my hair a little, by now it was 6:47 so I went to my bathroom brushed my teeth again put more lotion on my legs then ran to my room to get changed.


I threw my dress on seeing it was already 7:00 after I put my left shoe on I heard the door bell ring so I ran downstairs and opened the door while I slipped my right shoe on. When I looked up I saw Harry wearing black skinny jeans that gave his legs justice and a black shirt that you could see how buff he was... And his arms they were adored in a black blazer that fit him very well.


"Let's go" he broke me from undressing him with my eyes but his tone made me remember he's rude so I walked past him and towards his car door.


"What are you waiting for get in" he pointed to the door while I rolled my eyes at him. "Be a gentlemen" I snarled and looked at him, he finally opened my door for me and grabbed my waist to throw me in his gigantic car.


"You look very fuckable tonight" he smirked while I gasped and moved towards the door so I could make space between us.


We got to this nice diner but Harry was walking really fast so he was ahead of me.


"Styles" he spoke in his raspy voice but the hostess wouldn't make eye contact with him she was obviously afraid of him.


"Right this way" she mumbled and Harry grabbed my hand and ripped me to the back when I got to the table I ripped my hand from his grip and gave him a disgusted look.


"What would you like to drink?" She said looking at me with fear in her eyes. "Water please" I smiled up at her maybe so she would relax but her eyes just stiffened even more. "Pepsi" he said then threw his menu to the corner of the table so I fixed it an handed her mine.


"I want the steak" he said drinking his Pepsi not even looking at any of us.... It's 15 minutes into the date and he hasn't spoken to me. "Can I please have the caesars salad?" I asked while she nodded and smiled up at me when I handed her the other menu.


"Why are you so rude?" I whispered so no one could hear. "Shut up" he huffed rolling his eyes. "I'm leaving thank you for trying to take me out but if can't sit here and watch you be mean to people especially me" my voice was back to its normal volume while I stood up and pushed my chair in.


"No don't leave" he rushed with a hint of something in his eyes, "I'm sorry ok. Just please sit down" he asked making me nod and sit down


"So tell me about your self?" I smiled while the waitress set my salad Infront of me. "No" he stated plainly.


"Wow what's your favorite color?" I decided I'll ask him questions. "Black" he said cutting into his steak while the juice came out. "Mines coral" I took a bite of my salad and it was amazing.


"Do you play anything?" I looked up at him seeing him staring at me.


"No but enough about me what do you like to do?" He tried to come up with something "play the piano and sing" I smiled widely at him when he nodded.


"Are you a virgin" he winked making me gasp. "It's non of your business Harry" I scolded him.


"I knew you were" he shrugged getting me frustrated "how are you so sure" I cocked an eyebrow


"When you look at me you can see it in your eyes your not thinking of how I look or what we could do your focused on what I'm going to say or waiting for me to do something, you blush or gasp when I say something inappropriate, or how you sit you will cross your legs at the bottom" he said looking into my eyes and my cheeks burned a scarlet color this is the first thing he's ever said to me that wasn't rude.


"Your innocent and I like that" he smiled showing his dimples and I could just die.... I was speechless.


"I like that your a mystery, that there's something behind every word you say" I smiled at him when I saw something flicker in his eyes.


"Your cute you know that" he smirked at me ruining the moment "you to" I spoke before my eye went wide. I didnt mean to say that. "Sorry" I mumbled to him. "Don't say sorry love it's only the truth" he chuckled then slipped from the booth as pulled me out.


"Thank you for tonight Harry it was fun an all and nice to meet another person" I said before I hopped in the car with his help. "Your welcome lexi" he smiled then shut the door and drove me home.




"Thanks again Harry, I hope to do it again sometime" I smiled at him before leaning to kiss his cheek. "Me to" he whispered before I opened my front door. "Goodnight" I smiled my voice delicate as he looked at me then stepped forwards so I could feel his breath on my face.


"Goodnight beautiful" he leaned in kissing my jaw bone before leaning backwards to walk to his car and me wanting more but I ran to my room changed into pajamas then fell asleep.




I woke up with a smile on my face the crawled out of my bed my smile never leaving my face. I hopped in the shower and let my mind reply last night.


I decided to wear my hair natural and apply my usual makeup I didn't want to wear a skirt today so I decided on a black strapless crop top and bright teal high waisted shorts. I put my comfy black vans on to cover my size 5 feet and applied more lipstick before I left for school.


"Hey Luke" I smiled then walked to him while he linked our arms together "hey babes" he smiled at me then pulled me to a group of guys.


"Lexi this is Ashton, calum, and Michael" he grinned while I smiled to them all "hey!"


Luke, Ashton, and I were walking to class before I saw Harry coming my way making me smile at him but all he did was grab my hand and drag me to the girls bathroom.


"Harry I need to go to class" I giggled looking around. He looked at my with crazy eyes and smashed his lips on my neck causing a moan to slip from my mouth but then it got rough.


"Harry...." I whispered before he pulled away and whispered in my ear. "Your mine now" then walked out of the bathroom leaving me stunned.




"Lexi what the hell is that" Ashton asked his eyes staying on my neck. "Harry did it...." I mumbled then there faces paled a little.


"What does it mean?" I whispered so he couldn't hear me.


"No guy can touch you, No guy can look at you in a different way, No guy can flirt with you, your his" they whispered the last part but I couldn't respond I walked up to Harry grabbed his arm and dragged him out of class. "We all know about this 'love bite' but he's never payed it upon any girls neck" they told me while I walked out.


"Why would you do this" I raised my voice a little but not to loud so it's not a show. "Your mine" he said slamming me to the wall and putting his hands over my head. "Got it? Mine" he repeated until I nodded and he dragged me back in the class


Harry scared me..... Like I feared him at this moment.


He scooted my desk next to his again and put his hand on my thigh, I was so struck by a conversation out side I couldn't move until he hired his hand. "Don't touch me you dirty prick" I spat then pushed his hand off my leg, I watched him lean in to tell me something.


"Watch your mouth baby girl" I could feel his smirk on his lips with these words, this made my skin create goosebumps on my skin from his name he called me.


"Don't be afraid I'm not gonna hurt you" he said this with amusement in his voice while I rolled my eyes at him. "I'm not afraid of you" I wouldn't make eye contact with him so it wouldn't give up my lie.


"Oh but you are baby girl" he repeated this name and I already have a feeling towards it.


*ding ding ding*


The bell rang making me pretty much sprint to my other class not looking at Harry. His words played in my head the whole walk there.


"Today you will write about the first thing that comes to your thoughts" the teacher slouched in his chair when he said this and we all went to work.


August 24 2013

Confusion, fear, thrill, and a rush.

That's what I felt today being around him, when he dragged me into the bathroom I didn't know what to do I've never been in a situation like that, my neck still burned from his touch..... I craved for more but couldn't admit that to myself, he's horrible.

He frightens me.... With his words 'your mine' what was that supposed to me I'm not a object but a human. He claims me he scared me when we were in the hall but I found myself nodding to his words agreeing to them?

When I asked what This horrid mark ment I was his I was his property no guy can look at me in a way of affection, no guy can touch me, no guy can flirt with me..... I'm his. They told me I was the first he's ever layer this mark on... Why?

I can't seem to find a reason why he would do this to me, but for some odd reason I loved it , I loved how I'm the only one who's ever felt It on my neck, I'm the only one he's ever claimed.

Today he called me 'baby girl' it sent chills down my spin and rose color in my cheeks. He has some sort of hold on my so sort of trap, he's like a drug and I want a taste.


I wrote my last words as the bell rang, I smiled to Louis, Eleanor, and Perrie then walked out to find Ashton waiting for me with calum.


"Come on Lexi we're gonna go out for lunch so let's go meet the boys in the parking lot" he smiled then tugged me towards the door.


I watched as we pulled up to the same joint from yesterday and giggled to my self before crawling out of Luke's massive truck but not as big a Harry's car.


When we walked in we sat by the window and that's when I noticed a mob of curls burning a hole threw me until I made eye contact but quickly broke it looking at the boys.


I felt his presents get closer to me making my eyes shut. "Lexi I need to talk to you" I could hear the anger in his voice but I slowly opened my eyes to see him and I slowly nodded. He dragged me to his car.


"Your mine! What are you doing hanging with them?" He snarled at me while my back was against his car. "There my friends and you don't own me" I said but his sounded way more intimidating.


"You see that mark on your neck? That means your mine and I don't want you hanging out with them." He stepped closer to me "I don't care what you want there my friends and I will hang out with them any ways" I smiled at him to show him he's not effecting me.


"Get in the car" he huffed making me turn fully toward him "why" I challenged seeing him tense again, i know he won't do anything to me. "Please get in the car" he sighed frustration deep in his raspy voice. "Very well please help me" I smiled then turned around so he could through me up but instead he opened the door grabbed my waist lightly and put me in bridal style. This made me blush but I quickly shut my door and waited for him.


"I'm taking you home" he instructed making me gasp and face him. "No school" I shouted and he rolled his eyes. "Check your email."


' all fellow hawks please do not come back after lunch break , there has been a minor accident in our gym so know you have all been resigned for this day'


It was short and not very well corrected but whatever.


"K" I smiled then watched as he drove off.


"Come in yeah?" I said jumping from the car to the ground while he nodded.


I walked him to my room and told him I'll be right back so I went to my bathroom to get on red an black plaid pajama pants and a loose white crop top one sleeve falling from my shoulder. I fixed my hair since Harry's here then walked out.


His eyes raked my body while I plopped down on the bed smiling at him.


"You look hot" he bit his lip looking at me making me blush. "Thanks but I'm not a temperature" I giggled at my corny joke and watched him roll his eyes at me but chuckle lightly.


"So what do you want to do?" I asked since we were just staring at my fan. But he didn't answer me so I looked at him seeing he was staring at me intently until he leaned in and slammed his lips against mine. This was are first kiss..... I kissed back knowing it's not going farther until he pushed me on my back and crawled on top of me sort of.


It feels so right but I know it's wrong so I broke the kiss quickly and pushed him off.


"What's wrong" he said with a regular tone. "It's not right we just met, it's my second time hanging out with you, we've only had like 5 conversations....... And your a player" I mumbled the last time not wanting to hurt his feeling.


"So your mine, and I want to kiss you" he spoke his eyes darkening a shade.


"Stop saying that" I huffed standing up I'm not his and he needs to know. "No your mine" he whispered standing to his feet and coming towards me.


"Nobody else's mine" he inched closer to me and I have to say this is pretty hot...... "No guy can kiss you except me" my back touched the wall while his hand went threw my hair.


"Just kiss me already" I whispered wanting to feel his lips on mine and get that fuzzy tingle on my skin.


He pressed his lips lightly to mine then pulled away teasing me you would say, he did it again but this kiss was a little longer then he looked at me and back at my lips when I did the same to his and he finally kissed me making me weak at the knees. I deepened it by wrapping my arms around his neck and he pushed me further on the wall.


"How far have you gone before" he said threw the kiss making my cheeks burn red "I've..... Only made out....." I said threw the kiss shyly "good" he smirked into it before I broke the kiss and smiled up at him.


"I like a guy that's experienced" I winked up at him seeing his face with a surprised look on his face. "Just kidding" I giggled and watched as his lips fell into a smirk.


"Do you want to watch a movie?" I asked walking towards the door and he followed.


"Yes that's a good one!" I squealed taking 'were the millers' from his hands and plopping it in.


I took my seat next to Harry and he was extremely close like If I moved I would be sitting on him.....


I was laughing at the part when Kenny was about to pull his pants down, right when they moved the camera down Harry's hand covered my eyes making me die of laughter. "You can't see that" he chuckled turning my head still covering my eyes. "Your silly" I smiled until I felt his lips on mine then he moved his hands but my eyes were closed as I deepened only to here a door swing open and me pull away quickly.


"LEXI that's what you have a room for" my mom shouted an made Harry chuckle an my blush madly "mommmm" I glared at her then she walked towards me and Harry.


"So who's this lexi?" My mom questioned nicely and smiled at him, he returned it. "Mom this is Harry my....?" I cut the sentence short cause I don't know, you don't kiss a friend but I'm not dating him. "Hi mrs. Loves" he was being so polite to her I loved it. "Hey Harry and what is her cause I don't think I kiss my friends like that" she joked making Harry laugh. But he looked like she was about to continue.


"LEXI KISSED A BOY! LEXI KISSED A BOY" she screamed cracking her self up an Harry so I grabbed his hand looked at her with a glare and ran upstairs.


"I'm sorry about her" I sighed knowing he will probably leave.... To think I've mere actually been some ones before, I had a boyfriend but he broke up with me since I refused to have sex so.... His loss. " it's ok baby girl" there he goes again with that name.


"It's Friday why don't we go to a party?" He said making me look at him uneasy I've been to a party before but there just insane. "It's ok I'll be there" he read my look and made me nod and open my door.


"MOM IM LEAVING, DONT WAIT UP FOR ME AND IF I DONT COME BACK HOPEFULLY IM WITH HARRY!" I screamed down stairs and waited for a response "OK HONEY BE SAFE AND HARRY MAKE SURE SHE DOESNT DO ANYTHING STUPID" she chuckled saying the last thing and Harry nodded but realized she couldn't see him "WILL DO MRS.LOVES" he chuckled from yelling and sat on my bed when I went straight to my closet. And grabbed a black lace pencil dress it being a little to short but I like it, the top of my back was just covered in lace it was pretty I threw on black stilettos and walked out seeing Harry undress me with his eyes.


"Be careful honey" she smiled at me then her eyes fell to my neck and winked at Harry making me gasp she was being so bad "and Harry be safe" she smirked "always" he held a cheeky smile before I snapped his chest and glared at my mom.



"Hey, your Lexi right?" I small blonde asked well slurred "ya and you are" I smiled at her drunkenness "Linsey! lets got get a drink" she said dragging me from Harry's grip.


"Try this" she said heading me a cup "it's lethal" she smirked letting me put it to my mouth. It was amazing it tasted like cherries so I chugged it and put my hand out for another.


After my 4 cup we ran to the dance floor and were grinding on each other. "Let's go get Molly!" He screamed over the music so I nodded and walked with her, Molly must be her friend.


I was wrong I saw as she handed me a drink so I chugged this one and watched as she put a white pill down her throat..... Shit "I don't want one" I said nodding my head but seeing everything go crazy and me just wanting to dance. "Oops I put it in your drink" she giggled then ran off making me frown an jump up to find Harry.


When I got to Harry it kicked in and all I wanted was.... Him.


"Let's dance babe" I slurred rocking my hips to this music. I want to move an jump.


I dragged him to the dance floor and slammed my hips into his then rocked them to the music. I turned around smiling "Linsey gave me Molly!" I giggled to him and let my hands travel to his shirt. "SHE WHAT!" He yelled at me then grabbed my hand to pull me outside.


"Ya and I'm feeling a little frisky" I winked then jumped up and feeling his arms instantly going around my waist so I took advantage and rapped my legs around his torso. "Take me to your place yeah?" I whispered in his ear an rapped my arms around his neck. "You'll hate me tomorrow" I sighed making me pull back and smile at him since he's being sweet making me crave him more. "Don't think about tomorrow babe" I kissed his jaw line then to the corner of his mouth while he started to walk to his car.


"Your drunk and drugged I'm taking you home" he sighed setting me in the car and crawling in. "NO! my mom will be pissed" I shouted at him making him flinch "fine I'll take you to my place."


When we got to his house it was nice but everything was a blur as I stumbled to follow him into his bedroom I'm guessing.


"I'm just gonna get this little thing off" I giggled and slid my dress down to reveal a black lace bra from Victoria secrets and matching lace knickers. I threw my heels off and ran to Harry slamming my lips into his so I could feel that crazy feeling again.


"Lexi we.... Have to stop" he said threw the kiss then broke it making me frown. "Your no fun" I sighed and jumped in his bed.


"You'll thank me tomorrow" he chuckled then I instantly fell asleep.



I woke up with the worst head ace ever and not in my bed making me shoot up seeing I'm in my bra and knickers. I saw Harry Laying next to me in his boxers so I punched him in the chest.


"Please... Tell me we di-dnt" I said looking down feeling water in my eyes. "NO no you tried but I stopped" he said in his morning voice.


"So I was slutty and rejected" I couldn't look at him seeing this is embarrassing . "NO you weren't being slutty and I wanted to fuck you.... So bad but you would hate me after wards" he mumbled making my cheeks tint a red shade.


I stood up taking the sheet with me and rapping it tight around my bare body. "Wears my dress" I sighed not wanting to put it on since it's uncomfortable. "Here you can wear these" he said handing me black sweats and a white V-neck that will show me bra since it's black. "Turn around" I blushed spinning my finger around in a little circle until he did.


"Thank you" I rushed then threw the close on so he didn't turn around. The sweats were big on my waist so I tied them super tight and the shirt was huge so I tucked it in the sweats and rolled the sleeves.


"You can turn around now" I smiled but my head pounding.


When he turned around he raked my body and stopped at my chest so I crossed my arms so he would know he's been caught since he smirked and look up at me.


"Come on I'll take you home" he pulled on a pare of sweats to but a black shirt and it looked amazing on him.



"Bye baby girl" he whispered in my ear "don't forget.... Your mine" this made me roll my eyes look at him and slam my lips against him but kissed him gently, I pulled away before he could kiss me back. "Bye Harry...." I giggled then walked in to see my mom smirking.


"So what happened? Did you get it in last night?" She smirked and made me gasp. "No mom! We didn't I was drunk so he took me to his place and I fell asleep that's what happened and no I didn't 'get it in last night' I'm saving that for some one special" I blurted already annoyed at her.


"You mean your a virgin? What about Brent?" Does she think I'm a slut. "YES MOM IM STILL A VIRGIN! And her broke up with me cause I wouldn't sleep with him. Do you think that low of me?" This brought tears to my eyes "no honey just every body looses there Virginity around your age" she lightened her voice but I scoffed at her.


"I know I'm a loser 17 an haven't had sex" a year fell from my eyes and I ran upstairs slamming my door. But when I looked up I saw Harry sitting on my balcony making me jump.


"What are you doing" I shouted trying to wipe my eyes until I felt his hand Brush my cheek lightly. "What's wrong" he cooed sitting on the bed taking me with him.


"She thinks I'm a loser" my crying went down as I looked into his eyes and sat on his lap while he rubbed my back.


"No she doesn't" he tried to comfort me but you could tell he didn't know what to say. "Yes she does she was like' every body looses there virginity around your age' she said it like I was stupid, in a tone where she was trying to tell me 'something must be wrong with you if you haven't had sex yet' or 'no wonder you never bring guys home they must not like you'. I just don't want it to be thrown away I want to give it to some one who deserves it... Who deserves me.....Is that so wrong?" I asked the last part in a soft voice looking down.


He grabbed my chin lightly and pulled my face up to look at his eyes. "Not at all" he whispered then kissed me passionately then broke the kiss leaning our foreheads together. "I want to take you out again tonight yeah?" He smiled with hope In his eyes.


I nodded then closed the gab in between us "I'd love that" I whispered threw the kiss.



Harry left 3 hours ago and is picking me up in one so I need to hurry.


This will be are second date so our relationship is moving fast I mean it's only my second day here and he's almost more then a friend to me. And I think I kinda like him? I don't but when we kiss I love that feeling.


I decided on a white crop and put on a red and black plaid button down but only buttoned the top one and I matched it with high waisted shorts that are teared up and my shoes are black vans! It's comfy and cute.


I brushed my hair letting the waves flow and I put on my usual make up but with a little white eye shadow.


When I was putting my shoes on I heard Harry talking with my mom so I rushed down there to see him in dark wash skinny jeans and a black v neck.


"Are you ready?" I smiled while he turned around to reveal a red rose in his hand. "Thank you Harry." I smiled and took the rose about to go find a vase.


" no take it with you" he blushed "ok? How come?" I giggled go by him as my mom left the room. "Can't tell just do it" he laughed then pulled me out of the house and to his car.


When I opened my door there was a rose in my seat making me blush, grab it and let Harry put me in the car.


We drove for a little until he parked in the parking lot of Central Park and ran to my door to help me out.


"It's really pretty" I smiled up at him "I new you would like it" he chuckled and intwined our fingers together.


We were walking towards the bridge when I saw a mime walking towards me, he spun around and when he faced me he held a red rose and handed it to me making it 3 roses "thank you harry" I blushed.


We where in the middle of the bridge smiling at the lake when I felt some one pull on my shirt making me turn around and look down to see a little girl holding 3 roses. She handed me them and ran off letting her blind pig tails flow side to side.


"This is incredible I said looking to my side but Harry wasn't there so I turned around swiftly to see him give feet away from my holding 6 roses as I held the other 6.


I ran towards him instantly jumping up letting my hands go to his neck and his hands rap around my back so I could bend my knees and I kissed him.


It was just like in the books. The sparks, fire works, the fire on your skin, the goose bumps and the passion. It was amazing


When I pulled away Harry set me down but didn't break our space and leaned his forehead on mine so I could feel his hot breath.


"If you'll let me, I'd love for you to be mine..... And let me deserve you" he whispered as one tear fell from my eye and a smile pulled on my lips.


"I'd love that"


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