Love Me

"Love me for who I am, not what I am"


4. chapter2

"You shouldn't litter" I sighed looking up at him and his stupid smirk. "We'll it's not littering if your picking it up" he said this smoothly stepping a little closer to me, he scared me..

"It's rude" I mumbled since he's very intimidating. But all he did was throw another piece of trash on the ground and was about to turn around so I made my move.

"Pick it up" I said sternly and watched him turn around but he didn't have that smirk on his face his lips were in a straight line.

"What did you say?" He turned his hole body my way again and walked extremely close to me. "I said pick it up" I stood my ground but all I wanted to do was get to class.

"I don't know who you think you are bu-" I cut him off. "I'm Lexi and I feel like your a rude person and you need to pick it up" I crossed my arms to my chest when I said this bit he was pissing me off. He didn't say anything else he picked the paper up and threw it away. "Thank you" I smiled nicely at him and stepped back so I could turn to find room B67. "Your welcome lexi" he smirked sending shivers down my spine by my name coming from his mouth.

"B67" I mumbled to myself before getting bumped in the shoulder by a guy with a lip piercing. "Sorry... Ah do you need help" his smile was friendly so I nodded to his words. " I'm looking for room B67" I handed him my schedule then he linked are arms together "I'm going there" he chuckled.

"I'm Lexi" I said focusing on his lip ring it was shiny and I've never talked to any one with one before it was pretty exciting. "I'm Luke and pretty name" he said poking my nose and taking me by surprise. I looked up at him before we made a left turn into a class room full of madness literally the back was crazy they were laughing like they were watching a comedy and they were kissing like they weren't in public and there was paper getting thrown like there in a zoo.... "I'm gonna sit in the middle" I smiled at Luke "me to!" He chirped and dragged me in the middle but close to the back.

I was looking around until the door swung open to see him again. He scanned the room before his eyes landed on me and he smirked before he swiftly made his way to Luke's desk.

"Get the fuck out I'm sitting here" he spat at Luke. "I'm sitting here." Luke smiled..... Maybe his piercing doesn't go with his personality. "Get the fuck out I'm sitting here" he repeated then motioned to the other seats. "Fine" he sighed before getting up and the guy sat down scooting his desk so it's touching mine.

"Please move" I asked politely "no babe" he smirked yet again.. "I'm not your babe" I said standing up only to be pulled down by my thigh.

"Do you know who I am" his tone was very stern but this made me giggle "am I supposed to?" I moved his hand off my thigh then looked at him. " I like you" he smirked making me giggle yet again. "I don't know your name" I smiled "Harry....Harry styles" when he said this he moved his sunglasses down so I could see his eyes..... They were like a shot of emerald green eyes that I could just get lost into.

"Lexi? Lexi loves?" The teacher questioned so I raised my hand half way up until he motioned me to go to the front.

"Your cute" a girl winked in the back. "Cute? She's hot" a guy added to her statement.

"I'm Lexi loves" I smiled friendly and waited for the teacher to say something.

"Mr.king are you gonna just state at her ass or say something" Harry spat sitting straight in his seat making me flinch from his words and shift in my stance so I'm not facing him.

"Very we'll class I will be right back" he smiled then ran out making me giggle and walk back to me seat.

"We'll 'loves' it's your first day and you already gave our teacher a boner" he smirked and my face went white

"Harry you have a dirty mouth" I gasped and then he lowered his glasses so I could see his eyes...... They were gorgeous like an emerald green but I've never seen anything like that and I was just struck...

"LEXI" Luke yelled making me jump from my seat and run to his.

"What's up with him" I whispered to Luke looking at Harry.

"He's the bad boy he pretty much owns this town, every body is scared of him and his little gang, he gets what he wants when he wants, he has a lot of one night stands.... A lot I don't think he's ever had a girlfriend, he's dangerous.... But the weird thing is nobody knows a damn thing about him except he has a mysterious back story that's why he's so messed up but nobody cares enough to find out what it is" he shrugged looking back up at him then to me while I nodded maybe I should be nice to him he looks like he needs a nice friend..... I'll just give him one chance maybe?

The bell finally rang so I had to go to literature one of my favorite subjects. I watched Harry exit the class by himself so I took this as my chance and ran up to him we'll to his side.

"Hey" I smiled up at him and when he gave me a weird look. "What do you want?.... Sex?" He smirked looking me up and down so I slapped his shoulder "no! I just thought you wanted to talk to someone" I said showing my teeth off and put a piece of hair behind my ear. " we'll I don't want to talk to you" he shot at me Rudely I might add. "Why not"I giggled looking at him and watched as he gave a guy a dirty look for no apparent reason. "Because I don't want to talk to you" he repeated but his voice was lower and it was scary.

"Sure you do" I smiled again knowing it's bugging him "your annoying" he huffed before pulling my arm to the left so this big guy didn't ram into me then pushed me back lightly making me blush. "And your rude but we all have flaws" I said poking his chest but my finger didn't dent in at all.....

"I really don't want to talk to you" he said rolling his eyes again at my smile. "We'll you did.... Thanks for walking me to class" I giggled then turned into my pretty much empty class and watched as he walked past the door smirking at me.

I sat in the middle again and waited for people to come in since there's only like 2 girls here , one with blonde hair at her roots and pink at the bottom it was pretty, and the other had medium length brown hair that matched her eyes... They were gorgeous.

"I'm Eleanor and this is Perrie... You must be new" the brown haired girl smiled at me and sat next to me. "Hi! I'm Lexi and ya" I answered her statement for some reason. "So have you met any one here yet besides us?" I assume Perrie said. "Ya I have a friend named Luke" shoot that reminds me I forgot to say bye to him. "Peircing?" She questioned so there must be more Luke's. "Ya" I chirped as another student walked in and kissed Eleanor on the cheek. "This is Louis my boyfriend" she smiled up at him with a blush on her cheeks, he looked like one of Harry's friends he was wearing all black a bunch of tattoos and a dark persona.

"Hey I'm Lexi" I mumbled looking up at him. "I know Harry literally just told me about you he said you were hot" he chuckled making me giggle "thanks I guess...." My cheeks went a scarlet color.... He thinks I'm hot! We'll he thinks a lot of girls are so don't get carried away lexi.

"So do you want to have lunch with us?" Eleanor smiled widely and my eyes lightened up at her offering me to have lunch with her. "Sure!" My smile never left my face. "Ok we're actually going to go to a burger joint so we can take my car" Perrie said joining the conversation and me nodding until the teacher walked in.

"Hello class today I'm assigning these journals" he yelled like we were all deaf and tossed journals on our desks, them all bounded and black. "Every day I will right a word on the bored and you will write what comes to your head even if it's a sentence, and I will read them each week for your grade." He smiled and turned around to right on the bored.


'Intrigued. August 23/ 2014

His eyes...

There so captivating, when I looked into them today I felt like I was going to get lost or something. But when I looked into them I saw a story that hasn't been told that I want to know.

I want to know why he doesn't smile or laugh but why he smirks and glares at people.

I want to know why he's so rude. Ive only known him for an hour and a half and but the conversation we had walking to my class I could tell he wanted to talk to me. I liked how he made me tingle every time he said my name. Or when he put his hand on my thigh my body ignited.

Why does he have these labels.... Why does he have this hint of darkness in his eyes.

Why does he intrigue me?'

~Lexi Loves

My first monologue was very short but I couldn't think if anything else except his eyes. So I sat there looking out the winks war garbage... This schools a beauty.

"It's horrible isn't it" Perrie said leaning Into my chair.

"This class is almost ov-" she was cut off by the bell ringing and her grabbing my hand and Eleanor's and dragging us to a very beautiful and shiny black mustang.

"Hop in" Eleanor pipped

~at the joint~

"Here you go" I smiled opening the door for the girls then walked in looking up to see Harry, Louis, a blonde guy, one with a dark quiff, and one with a light brown quiff... They all had tattoos.

When Harry looked at me he gave me a dirty look

"Lexi this is niall, zayn, and Liam" Perrie smiled and scooted over so we could sit in the circular booth. "Hey" I smiled then looked at all there faces with weird looks on them.

"Can I get fries with no ketchup please" I smiled at her while she nodded.

She came back with French fries covered in ketchup making me gag. "She said no fucking ketchup" Harry spat at her and pushed the plate towards her. "I'm sorry do you want me to get you new fries" she stuttered. "No it's fine but thank you" I smile before she ran away.

"Do you not like ketchup?" Niall giggled and pointed towards my plate. "I hate it" I smiled before taking a sip of my water

"Let's get out of here" Louis smiled before sliding out of the booth so we could all leave the joint.

When I was walking with Perrie right when I was about to go to her car my arm was pulled quickly.

"Come with me" Harry whispered letting me nod my head and he opened his door for me and grabbed my waist then threw my up in the seat.

"Thank you" I smiled before he slammed the door in my face and walked to the other side

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