Love Me

"Love me for who I am, not what I am"


15. chapter 7

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Harry's pov.

I woke from sleep with my Arms around the sleeping angel... I quickly moved my hands away and walked to the living room. I sat I the couch and thought.... I hope I don't ruin her, don't let me break her.

"Harry?" Her beautiful voice questioned until her eyes found me. "Baby girl" I whispered and saw her smile before sitting down next to me.

"I woke up an your sexy body wasn't pressed against mine" he pouted crawling on my lap, I looked down to see her red knickers and her matching bra... She so hot. "Didn't want to wake you" I smiled kissing her lips. She smiled afterwards showing her bright perfect teeth.

She looked down at my chest before moving her hands lower to my vline an started rubbing slowly playing with my boxer briefs already getting me hard. "Can I do this?" She whispered to me lightly. I nodded

"Lexi-I" my breath hitched when here hand lifted my boxer briefs up but slapped them back giggling. "Harry-y" she mocked bitting her lip pretending to moan and it was fucking hot.

"Baby girl I want you" I whispered to her and she looked up. "Ok" she whispered back before slamming her lips into mine, it was heated quickly her pulling on my hair and moving her hips on mine. While I tugged on her waist. "Mmh." She moaned before setting her hand on my boxers trying to pull them down. "Take them off.." She demanded in such a fucking sexy tone I wanted to pound myself into her at this moment. I ripped my boxers off throwing her on the couch so I'm on top. "Now yours" I whispered before I pulled down her knickers softly, I let my hands travel up her full thighs to her curvy stomach and to her bra... She pushed her chest up a little so I could un clip it and her breasts fall on her body, she's fucking gorgeous.

"It's gonna hurt baby girl but I promise you it will feel better later." I reassured her before running my tip on her , seeing she's already wet for me. "I need a condom" I whispered and saw he look at me like she was gonna kill me. I lifted up my couch cushion to find one were I always leave it. "Why do you-" she cut her self off by frowning and looking away from the couch.

"I'm...sor-" now I was cut off

"It's ok" she whispered before looking down. I quickly put the condom on and pushed in gently. I watched her mouth drop in pain and her body tensed.

"Shh... Baby girl kiss me" I whispered going in a little deeper. She slammed her lips into mine kissing me and trying to keep her head up, I quickly pushed my head down so she could lay hers on the carpet. I felt her lip quiver when I pulled out and went in slower.

"Why... Why would people.. Do this" she whispered threw the kiss making me smile at her innocence and chuckle a little. "Just wait after acouple... Of times" I moaned she's super fucking tight.

"Don't.... Brag" she tried to giggle but the pain he was feeling probably sucked shit. "Mmh. Sorry baby- girl" I moaned again breaking the kiss to look down at her.

I saw pain written all over her face and for the first time in my life, I wanted to take it all away.

*ok so this is super short but I did it for a reason next chapter is gonna be CRAZY! I have a great idea and it's not gonna be so good but I think you will love it. Don't forget please like and if I get at least 20 likes I'll update as quick as possible I promise!!!!!! Ohhh and Lexi loves is no longer a virgin thanks to Harry!*

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