Love Me

"Love me for who I am, not what I am"


13. chapter 6

I had the worst day today. I started to feel a little better around 5 period but still horrible in second period I slept the hole class, lunch me ad the boys went to go get pizza then I just slumped in fifth period and sixth period.

Harry dropped me off at my house and told me he's coming to get me in 2 hours so I packed some close and I've been laying on my couch.

I have been friends with Harry for a month now my moms been gone for two weeks, I got in a fight with Harry then had a sexual moment with him, I got drunk on a school night and feel like shit. I've never done most if this stuff but I have this feeling inside of my that's happy I did cause it means I have friends.

I didn't have friends back in L.A. Maybe one her name was Alex but she soon got a boyfriend and forgot about me, I was bullied every day of my life an I have the scars to prove it, I've never been so low before. No ones seen my scars. There by my inner thigh, I cut for 5 years started in 7th grade. That's when I fell in love with music. I couldn't go to my mom at that time since she was lost she changed after my dad died if you look in her eyes it's not the beautiful hazel you use to see but it's the dull hazel now she smiles but it's fake.

Sometimes you can still see the scars on my arms if you look closely.

I looked at my phone seeing it lightened up.

*I'm here baby girl*

I skipped outside, swung the door open and hopped in. "Hey" I leaned in and kissed his cheek.


"Can I ask you something" I sighed seeing us turn on the freeway.


"What am I to you" I asked again remembering that night. "Your mine" he answered the same "besides that"

" my friend" I sighed looking out the window.

"Of corse I am"


I jumped out of his car grabbed my bag and walked into his house surprised his door is unlocked. I kicked my shoes off when I felt Harry's hands go on my waist and start kissing my neck.

I pulled away and turned around "I don't kiss friends" I huffed grabbing my bag. "And if you kiss all your friends I don't want to be one" I finished.

"What are you talking about" he huffed " in the car you said I'm your friend " I looked down seeing his fist. Balled of anger.

"Your mine" he stated "I'm your 'friend' " I used air quotes.

"I don't date" he spat.

"I don't kiss friends" and I walked into the living room plopping on his couch , then looked up to see him behind me.

"I didn't want to kiss you" he huffed slumping on the couch like a five year old. "Yeah?" I smiled an said this in a bitchy tone.

"Ya" he answered "good cause you could use some practice" I smirked standing up walking "practice?" He yelled "ya practice and you should try not to suck my lips off I don't know if you noticed but there kinda attached to my face." I smirked and walked I the bathroom locking it hearing his foot steps behind.

I grabbed my nike spandex and slipped them on when I heard pounding on the door. "LEXI YOU FUCKING LIAR!" I smiled at my success of pushing his buttons. I opened the door to see him shirtless in his sweats and his hand up about to smack the door again.

I slipped threw him skipping Down the hall way. "Every kiss" I spoke in a sing song voice. And fell on his tile floor. I saw Harry storm in standing above me.

"We all know I'm not the one who needs practice" he smirks watching my smirk fade making me hop up and get in his face. "That's not what Cameron said" I shot back knowing this would piss him off.

"You wouldn't cause you know You wouldn't be able to look at me without telling me" he smirked making me step closer.

"Don't be so sure of your self" I could feel his minty breath on my face and I'm sure he could feel mine.

"Baby girl I'm positive" he cupped my bum making me jump forward. "Friends don't do that"I stated quietly but he just cupped the other.

"Just tell me I'm more then a friend to you" I whispered trying to push his hands up. "But then you would be winning" he smirked

"Tell me" I begged "your more than a friend to me baby girl....your my girl.....friend" he stopped between the words making me giggle. "You don't have to tell me twice" I smirked slamming my lips into his.

He deepened the kiss pushing my bum up indicating me to jump so I obeyed.

He moved swiftly down the hall dropping us on the bed. "I want ..... To taste you properly" he whispered threw the kiss going down my neck slowly waiting for me to say no but instead I moaned and watched him rip my spandex off he went further down.

I broke eye contact with him when he looked down seeing my scars...... But he didn't say anything I felt his lips kiss my inner thigh on each side. "Your beautiful" he whispered as I turned my head to look back at him.

"Your smart" he continued pulling at my hem of my knickers "talented" his words crashed down on me and they were beautiful.

"Sweet" my knickers dropped to the floor and he looked up at me with lust in his eyes. "Your breath taking" and with that his lips where on me, I moaned letting my head fall back lightly. "Har-ry" I stammered trying to regain my breath. He moaned when my hands found his curls "UGHH" I yelled as his tongue went downward, I felt to fingers slide in me making my hips go up a little and me tighten on his curls, I pushed Harry's head down feeling him smirk. I felt that knot again in my stomach causing another moan to fall from my lips "FUCK-K" I cursed surprising my self and feeling my back arch. I released letting my back fall back on the bed with ragged breath.

I looked at Harry seeing him lick his lips and crawl on top of me ." Your perfect" he whispered kissing my cheek. "Don't do that again please" his eyes looked worried. I nodded lightly.

"Can I put my spandex on?.... I looked down seeing from the waist down I'm completely naked. Harry chuckled and went to dip his head down to look but I grabbed his head so he couldn't. "Are you serious?.... I just suc-" I slapped my hand around his mouth until he licked it making me whip it on his stomach.

I slid down a little so since Harry's on top of me I'm just going under him. I was at his crotch when it hit me of how horrible an idea this was. I watched has Harry lowered his hips on me. "Harry!" I slapped his arm but all he did was laugh so I decided to push my hand to my chest and cup him. His hips instantly flew up causing a smirk to appear on his lips. "Lexi" he moaned then I let my own giggle out. Before sliding on to the ground and pulling my knickers back on and my spandex.

I stood up adjusting my white crop top and looked up to see Harry looking at me.

"Thanks for the show" he winked before standing up and coming up to me and rapping his arms around my waist.

"I really couldn't of pictured you as a screamer your just so innocent? It's hot" he smirked making me roll my eyes with a blush on my cheeks.

" do you want to go on a jog" I smiled up at him "or go to the gym!" I squealed getting excited I haven't worked out in a while...... A WHILE! "Please please please" I begged giggle then hearing him sigh and nod, I ran to my bag and for some reason I brought my matching sports to these spandex so yay! I slipped it on in the bathroom then threw my crop top back on. I walked out to see Harry with his keys in black basket ball shorts and a black shirt.

"I like your white shirts" I blurted seeing him look up at me "but you look really good in black to but I love the white ones" u smiled hoping I didn't hurt his feelings he smirked taking his shirt off and throwing a white one on "better" I smiled looking at his tattoos "let's go" he chuckled and walked me out.

"I can't wait to get my work out on" I said bouncing in my seat as Harry looked at me with a crazy expression.

When we got to the gym I grabbed Harry's hand an practically dragged him in there. "Why do you want to work so bad" he chuckled taking his shirt off as I did the same.

"I like the pain in my stomach, to feel that I'm actually burning something" I shrugged tying nikes tighter then walking to the pull up bar.

I've always only been able to do like 10 and that's nothing I just don't have upper body strength. I fixed the tape on my hand and went to pull up reaching my head over the bar.

"Damn..." I heard Harry whisper while I went down making me giggle.


By now I have been working out for about an hour and Harry's been hitting it pretty hard with me. I jumped off the treadmill and went to put on there boxing gloves.

I was glazed over with sweat when I entered the ring with Harry. "Hey" I smiled starting to hit the air and shift my body weight "hey" he said back but In a sexy tone making me just want to rip- shut up he say I was staring at taking my lip between my teeth and stopping my actions.

I looked at his lean body head to toe stopping at his abs, when I looked up I saw Harry smirking making me smile while bitting my lip and pull a piece of my hair behind my ear before turning around.

"now that was fucking hot" I heard his voice low and raspy. I blushed and started punching again.

"That's hot to" I saw in the corner of my eyes him step closer to me but I kept punching the air. "Your hot" he spoke deeper then shit. I turned my body around and started punching lightly at his abs and his shoulders.

"Ouch!" He smirked and went to defense himself. He grabbed my arms when I went to take a lung at him Making me trip over my feet and feel us collide to the ground. I picked my head up off his chest to look up at him, I quickly grabbed his wrists and put them above his head.

"I win" I whispered seductively watching his eyes darken and bite his lip " you certainly do" he smirked up. I looked down seeing I'm straddling him, I looked around the room seeing there's no windows and no sign of cameras. I took this bold move and ground my hips Into his. Harry's mouth fell open and he looked at me surprised. "Lexi-I" he dragged the 'I on a little I pushed down a little harder, this time I moaned moving my hips a little more each time I went down.

I can't believe I'm doing this- "ugh." I moaned "am I innocent" I giggled in his ear pushing my hips down even harder. Before he could answer I smashed my lips into his and let my tongue take the lead this time. "So innocent" he moaned threw the kiss but broke it and bit his bottom lip.

"Fuck" he whispered in " we need to leave" he rushed roughly but I gave him a confused look, did I do something wrong.... He slammed his hips up and I felt his erection stab me threw my spandex.

"Oh baby" I whispered with a giggle but I was soon ripped up by Harry and dragged to the car. He pretty much threw me into the car slamming his door. " awe is wittle hawwy eager" I laughed but he glared at me making me laugh even harder.

"You started this so your gonna finish it" his voice lowered and I quickly shut up but thought.... I can do this right? Well I don't know how but I can do it! Lexi loves can do this. I gave my self a little pep talk an turned In my seat. "And what exactly did I 'start' I asked innocently but his eyes darkened.

"Harry what did I start?" I repeated before climbing over the seat and Falling in his lap. "Was it this" I rocked my hips with a smug smile. "Or hmm.... This" I cupped him and watched as he took a deep breath. "Oh no I was saving that for later" I pouted "I guess we'll just have to wait and see what's going to unfold at your flat yeah baby?" I asked raising my eyebrow "yeah" his breath was laced with air. I threw my self off and watched as he slammed on the breaks.

"Mmh you are eager" I giggled holding onto the 'oh shit' bar as Harry flys around the corner. He grunted and tried fixing his shorts that looked extremely tight on his area.

I watched as he slammed on his breaks then shut the ignition off. He jumped out of the car running to my side . When the door opened and I was ripped from the car.

He threw me on the couch an jumped on me, are lips smashed together as he grounded his hips.

"Ugh..." I moaned rapping my legs around his torso then flipping us onto the ground. "Baby girl....fuck" he moaned into my lips but I broke this kiss and looked down at. His basket ball shorts. I tugged at them slowly, only for Harry to rip them down and his member fly up to his toned abs....... He was huge..... And it was the first time I've ever really saw one, what a loser

"Do you know what to do" he asked making me look away and shake my head no.... "I'll show you" he whispered. I looked up to meet his gaze, he grabbed my hand and held it in his. He rapped my hand around his member and his breath went rigged. He moved my hand up and down, going harder each time when he slammed my hand down. " baby girl..." He groaned but I removed his hand and did it my self. I went harder and harder hearing him moan my name over and over again. "UGHH..... Fuck ya" he yelled fisting my bum. I went over and over again then looked up at him. "Fuck... Tell me something" he spat with a gust of air.

I didn't know what to say so I said what came to me first "do... You like that" I whispered and blushed at how stupid I sounded I watched as Harry looked up at me with a lazy smirk on his lips indicating he knows it sounded weird from my lips to.

" ugh baby say my name" I bit my lip trying to hold in a laugh. "Baby girl" he whispered "ah a little louder" I went slow at my actions then all of a sudden slammed my hand down "BaBy GiRl" his voice was louder but not as loud as I wanted it to be "louder" I demanded going harder and harder "BABY GIRL" he yelled then white liquid covered the top of my hand.

"Lick it" he took me by surprise and I looked at my hand in sure. Just do it. I put my two fingers in my mouth and looked up at him while I lingered them in my mouth, I tried to not think of the salty taste.

"Your so fucking hot" he whispered before pulling his boxers up. "And you said I was a screamer" I mumbled but he heard when his head shot to my face. "Only for you"

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