Love Me

"Love me for who I am, not what I am"


32. chapter 31

I'm worried for Larissa, days have been harder and quieter. She's Been so sad , so depressed , so ... Invisible. I can't figure out what to do I'm just so tired of everything that's happened and I need to speak up .

"Larissa!" I yell in the hall trying to get her attention , seeing her head slowly turn. She starts walking over to me but I beat her to it before I grab her wrists and pull her into the bathroom. I push all the stall doors open. "Why" I whispered looking down. "Why what?" She spoke at almost the same volume. " why this! Why would you do this to your self!" I spoke louder grabbing her wrists and pulling up her sleeves to see cuts over cuts, burns over burns, bruises over bruises.... My eyes became watery as I looked up at her waiting for a response. " answer me!!" I yelled a tear falling down my cheek.

"I don't want to win this war don't you get it ? I hate it here! I'm not supposed to be here with... With all of you, I'm not like lexi your strong I'm not, your beautiful I'm not , your smart I'm barely passing my classes, you have everything you could dream for and I don't." She whispered the last part as tears fell down not only mine but hers . I was about to speak but her wrists were ripped out of my hands and she rushed out.

I just sat there shocked she thinks I have it all, but I really don't.


The bell rang and I walked to my class not seeing a sign of Larissa.

"Hey" I spoke to Harry but just got a look while he passed his seat to sit with some one else... Well then two can play at that game.

"PARTNERS" he yelled I quickly walked over to This kid named Jacob and sat next to him. "Wanna be partners?" I smiled sweetly and fluttered my eye lashes. If some one doesn't want to talk to me because he's immature, I won't talk to him cause I'm making new friends. " sure why not" he blushed. I looked back to see Harry glaring at me just making me push even further. "My place tonight ?" I spoke loud enough for him to here, he knows I won't do anything with him but he knows he doesn't want anyone at my house. " okay" Jacob smiled widely, he's not really a nerd but not really a big jock so I guess he's in between. "Can I call you jake?" I asked while I rubbed my hand on his knee feeling as he gets nervous .

"You can call me anything you want" he spoke a little more confident but still nervous. " okay well I'll see you tonight at 7, here's the address." I smiled again before getting up and going to Ashton.

"What the hell was that" he laughed. "Harry's being a bitch to me so I'm gonna be a bitch to him. " I laughed before getting into a full conversation.

The bell finally rang making me look at jake. "See you at 7 babe" I yelled before walking out to go to my locker. I knew Harry was behind me I could feel his hard glare on my back, making me slightly swing my hips more confidently, I can't wait to tell Larissa.


7 came around I didn't really get fancy I'm just in black pajama shorts and a white crop top with calf socks. I heard the door bell ring making me walk down the stairs and open the door while I look down at something on my sock. "Hey jak- Harry?" I was confused.

"What the fuck are you wearing !" He spat grabbing the fabric and pulling it down, making me slap his hands. "Stop" I pushed his hands away. "I'm wearing pajamas" I smiled. " pajamas? No those are clothes only I can see!" He spat again making me roll my eyes but see a nice blue charger pull up on my drive way. "Jake is here can you leave, I need to get this project done" I sighed already annoyed. He walked up to my door a little confused too. "Hey lexi..... And Harry" he spoke uncomfortable. "Hey jake ready to start our pro-" and I was cut off by the one and only

"She has to make a rain check" he told jake standing in front of me so he couldn't look at my pajamas. " lexi?" He spoke making me stand on my tippy toes and look over his shoulder.

"I'm sorry jake Harry is being a jerk he was just leaving" I pushed his back but he didn't budge just make his head turn. "No I'm just getting comfy, I think Jacob needs to leave don't you agree 'jake'" he mocks the nick name looking at him hard and stern.

"Yeah? I think I better go lexi you seem really busy" He scratched his neck then started to walk away.

"Are you serious Harry!" I spat but all he did was look at me and glare " why are you ignoring me now what a child, ugh your so immature and stubborn and mean, and and god you drive me crazy " i ranted as he took a step closer . "What else am I " he spoke sternly at me. "Your vicious and your so jealous over EVERYTHING!" I rolled my eyes while I exaggerated the word. "And keep going?" He urged

"And so controlling, and and so so .." I looked at him and saw his sexy eyes and right jawline . "Sexy..." I whispered bitting my lip before his found my neck. "There we go" he whispered and continued kissing my neck up to my jawline. " we can't do this" I whispered as my back was up against the wall.

" but I know you really want too" he smirked against my skin before going to my lips roughly, he goes to my thighs picking me up while I rap them around him. "I missed you baby"


Harry fell asleep on my bed while I pulled on some pants and a shirt. I headed to Larissa's .

"Hey is Larissa here?" I spoke to her mom. " ya sweetie upstairs " she smiled. I walked up the stairs and opened the door seeing my eyes water instantly.

"LARISSA!!" I screamed dropping to my knees holding her lifeless head on my lap rubbing her hair . "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! PLEASE!" I screamed "HELP" my eyes were seeing red on her wrist pills on the floor and a note in her hand. Her mom came running up the stairs as her body dropped to the floor grabbing her. "MY BABY ! NOOOO MY BABY" she cried over and over again as I got up walking back my eyes never leaving her ... My best friend. " she's gone.... She's gone" I whispered into the phone over and over again "SHES GONE!" I screamed falling to the floor again hitting it. "Larissa I love you " I cried shaking, holding her. I grabbed the note not being able to read it .

The lights flashed threw the window as her mom and I screamed. We were picked up and thrown out of the room as she was carried out of the house. I ran with them. "PLEASE!"

~To be continued ~

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