Love Me

"Love me for who I am, not what I am"


25. chapter 24

It's been great lately. Harry hasn't been in any drama and it's just been amazing. I still haven't talked to Luke and that really sucks but these two weeks have gone buy so fast and is finally that big party Ashton is taking me to and I'm actually pretty excited.

The only thing that's kinda weird is Harrys acting a little distant like he's hiding something. But I could just be seeing things. "Hurry Lexi god" Ashton whined making me giggle and slipped on my black pencil dress the sleeves and neck line being lace it was really pretty. I popped my heels on and walked out. "Let's go!" I chirped and looked at him.

Maybe Harry will be here! Ah who cares I can't do everything with him.

"Lexi!" My friend Chelsea yelled "hey!" I smiled before she dragged me into the living room and pushed us into the sweaty bodies.


One hour later I drank more than I should have, I've been dancing like a maniac ,I lost Chelsea and there's no sign of Harry.

"Louis" I slurred with a giggled. "yes Lexi" he smiled "have you seen Harry?" I questioned stumbling towards him a little. "Ah... I think he's upstairs" he spoke a little un easy and I nodded before walking that way. Each step I took I would giggle like a idiot thinking of funny jokes.

" are you in this one?" I giggled to myself before opening the first door to see a girl puking. Ewwww! "What about this one?" Nope just a couple making ou-

"Harry?" His head shot up and my heart was confirmed and crushed. "Why...." I whispered the air getting knocked out of me. "Lexi... I can-" he cut him self off an the girl got off him and stumbled towards me and that's when I saw the blonde hair.... Chelsea. "With her!" I whimpered. "I thought you changed." I cried and he got up coming towards me. "NO! STAY AWAY FROM ME!" I cried "Lexi" he pleaded. "I'm sorry".

"If you were sorry why did you do it. You didn't think you were gonna get caught? Why would you do this to me ..... Again" tears ran down my face. " YOU MAKE ME SICK!" I spat at him before running downstairs with all eyes on me. I looked back up at them both. "I thought you were my friend." Venom was spat at that worthless girl. "And for you. We are done. So have fun with her." And I walked out.

"YOU DONT UNDERSTAND LEXI!" He screamed but I kept walking my tears blinding me and my heart weighing me down.


"What's wrong baby" my mom whispered to me and that's when I broke. "Mom... He... He cheated.." I cried, hearing it makes it twenty times worse. The doorbell rang before it opened to reveal Luke, Ashton, Calum, Michael, and Cameron. " Lexi!" Luke rushed towards me and I cried even more.

"Why!" I yelled "I don't know I'm so sorry.." He whispered.

The door bell went off again making me shoot up to see my mom answer it.

"I need to speak to her" he demanded but my mom didn't move to the side. " Harry... No she doesn't want to speak to you" she stayed calm but I was raged. " you don't understand-" and I shot up going towards the door pushing my mom out of the way and slamming the door closed. " HOW DO I NOT UNDERSTAND? YOU CHEATED!" I yelled anger in my eyes. " no Lexi..."

"How many times have you done that with her." I spat and pushed his chest. "HOW MANY TIMES!" I screamed and saw him flinch. "Three times." It hurt me so much for him to say that. " was she better? Because those three times you could have been with me." Disgust was written on my face.

"I trusted you to not do this to me. And all you did was throw it in my face" I wouldn't let him speak. " I LOVE YOU LEXI! DONT YOU UNDERSTAND?" He yelled and it hurt me even more cause I can't believe those words. " is that how you love some one.? Cheat on them?"

"I wanted to get over that. I know I'm not good enough for you. I knew I couldn't love you." Why does he do this to me.!! " stop saying that! Your the only one who thinks that you have it in your mind if you don't love your self how could you love me!" I was done, I was tired of doing this. I can't take it any more. " just hear me out Harry".

"make sure she's better then me"

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