Love Me

"Love me for who I am, not what I am"


2. Chapter 1

* Ain't it fun Ain't It fun now your number one ain't it fun living in the real world* my alarm clock sang bringing a smile to my face. First day of my new school yay! 

I shot out of bed going straight to my vanity to see a note from my mom. ' have a wonderful day today! I left my keys for you so be safe driving love you lots mom' she's the best mom ever.

i turned my curler on and went to my closet to see my pink skater skirt my white laced crop top and my light denim jean jacket sitting on my bench folded nicely with my white converses right next to it. I quickly got changed and ran back to my vanity to curl my hair, it took about 30 minutes for then to be bouncy so I lightly sprayed hairspray on them and went to doing my make up, I don't wear a lot I just put a little eye liner on my water line and then mascara so it looks natural. Since today is my first day I decided to put on some lip stick I picked a nice shade of pink then threw on my shoes. I skipped to my bathroom and brushed my teeth so my breath is minty like always , then I finally went downstairs to see my black bag my moms keys my wallet and phone sitting on the counter of my new kitchen. 

I have some time to make coffee but I'm not feeling it so I'll just leave now and go get Starbucks.

"can I have a grande expresso please" I smiled up at the lady in the drive threw. "Sure thing your total Is 3.78 and it will be at the next window" she chirped and stuck her hand out nicely so I could put the five dollar bill in her hand. 

When I got to my new school it was nothing like I expected, it looked so dangerous. I locked my car and walked to the front gates seeing a bunch of people... This school is huge, I looked around to find a trash can seeing there's one at least 10 feet away so I walked not making eye contact with anyone. Right when I threw my cup away I watched a guy with sunglasses throw a wad of paper landing right next to the trash can and not even bothering to make a move to pick it up so I bent down and retrieved the paper and set it in the trash nicely then straightened my skirt. But when I looked up he was looking at me with a smirk then threw another piece of trash on the ground so I picked it up and threw it away yet again. "You shouldn't litter"

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