Love Me

"Love me for who I am, not what I am"


36. birthday part 1

It's Harry's birthday today and I have everything planned out, he didn't want to throw a party and said he just wanted to do something fun so I booked us this sky diving trip around 3 and I'm super excited!

"HARRY!" I yelled from upstairs hearing his loud steps up the stairs and to my room. "Yes baby" he spoke leaning on my wall.

"Happy birthday " I giggled kissing his cheek. "That's probably the 50th time you said that today" he rolled his eyes before fixing his hair, it's getting long (not like how it is now I'm talking about Harry's like 19 year old self)

"your hairs long" I spoke draping my arms over his shoulders while he placed his on my hips " gives you something to pull on " he smirked making me laugh before tugging at the bottom hairs

"oh yeah?" I whispered bitting my lip teasingly. "Don't do that or I will have to take you on this counter" he whispered deepening his voice. "Oh we don't have time for that, get in the car" I laughed before pulling away and pushing my straightened hair off my shoulders.


"Make sure all harnesses are fasten and take a seat we will be taking off right about now" the young sky diver spoke before walking around checking the harnesses. He came to mine and smiled sweetly

"nervous?" He spoke pulling on my strings "a little bit " I couldn't find Harry at the time I think he was in the back doing something. "Well hey I'll be here if you do get scared" he winked before walking away.

Harry finally came back and we were the last people to jump Harry was super excited but I was flipping shit, the nice dark haired boy came over again but Harry was actually here this time.

"want me to jump with you?" He spoke but Harry was quick to answer that "no I'll jump with her " he spoke sharply hoping the guy would get the hint.

" you sure you don't want a professional ?" He smirked at me me taking as he was talking about something way different. "I'm perfectly fine with my boyfriend jumping with me, thanks though" I smiled before Harry smirked and kissed my cheek.

We were harnessed together and it was about to happen. "Ready baby? 1....2...."

"Wait!!" I yelled an turned my head as much as I could seeing as he's behind me " I love you" I spoke nervously but he just smiled and whispered it back to me.

"3!" He screamed before jumping.

He was laughing making me laugh "HARRY PULL THE STRING" I screamed so he could hear me. He laughed threw the whole time until he pulled the string finally. "LEXI I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" he yelled over the wind melting my heart, "I LOVE YOU HARRY" I was smiling from ear to ear when we hit the ground and so was he.


We were heading to the car hands intwined and we were happy. "Let me drive " he spoke but I shook my head and ran to the car . " I like driving , let's go get something to eat" I spoke before climbing in. " let's go to a drive in I don't want to get out " he said before placing his hand on my thigh like usual. I nodded yes before stopping at the first McDonald's I saw.

" how's your birthday so far?" I smiled shoving a French Fry in my mouth. "It's been great... I'm super excited for tonight baby" he smirked rubbing his hand on my inner thigh. " oh same baby same " I whispered putting my hand over his "you turn me on so much " he laughed but looked dead serious " what's next?" He spoke "we are meeting everyone for laser tag

" I said excitedly."

"Lexi!" Louis yelled hugging me and turned to Harry "HAZZA" he screamed hugging him "you're finally an adult baby boy " he punched him in the shoulder and walked to gear up.

It was me, Louis, Luke, Liam, against ,Harry ,Niall , Ashton, and zayn. My team only consisted of Ls cause we are cool like that.

We were winning obviously but barely. I had Harry cornered at the moment "I surrender " he pleaded making me walk over to him still holding my gun. " set your gun on the ground" I yelled pointing towards the ground making him laugh. " you're so sexy" he growled before throwing his gun on the ground and walking towards me. "I didn't say walk " I spoke confidently. And he stopped bitting his lip, I walked closer pushing him to the wall.

"Holy fuck your killing me lexi" i pushed my finger to his lips telling him to be quiet. " I could take you out right now birthday boy" I whispered into his ear "and I could take you right now " he spoke flipping us over pushing my gun to the floor. " sneak peak of what's gonna happen tonight?" I giggled and that just put fuel to the fire. He pushed me further into the wall grinding his hips on me and kissing me deeply. I raked my hands down his body about to rip that vest off until it made the beeping sound making me freak out and push him away quickly. We turned around with swollen lips to see Louis and Liam laughing their asses off.

"We win"

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