Death's Angel

Have you ever wondered how Haven got our souls or how Hell did?
Well here's the answer to one


5. Chapter 5

He walked down the street, having just left the girl's house. Those weird humans don't seem to be following me anymore... he thought, his hand rubbing his cheek where she slapped him earlier. He sighed, then stuffed his hands into his pockets as he kept walking. He wished he could fly, but couldn't take the risk of anyone seeing him. Damn it...if only I hadn't been... his thought trailed off in his mind as he saw a couple of those weird humans again. The boy dashed off quickly, ducking into an alleyway before the humans could take notice of him and pressed his back to the wall. He watched the humans walk past the alleyway, not bothering to notice him in their mission to find the boy who was right under their noses. He sighed, relaxing when the humans were out of range and walked down the alleyway, now curious as to what's in it.
He stopped at the end of the alleyway. His eyes widened a bit in surprise when he saw weird symbols on the cobblestone walls. Angelic runes. However, these runes looked extremely ancient, and the boy could hardly make sense of the runes. 'A time of Darkness' was all he could read. A time of Darkness? What does that mean? he wondered, blue eyes narrowing at the ancient runes. Suddenly, he deciphered another rune.
The Blue Angel.
Wha...? I'm a blue angel, right?! This makes no sense! ...No, this must be some kind of joke. Besides, I can't even read all of this old stuff.
the angel thought, turning away from the runes. "Whatever...I can come back here later and try to make sense of that gibberish," he muttered to himself, silently taking note of the alleyway and remembering where it is and walked out.
...And immediately regretted it.
"There he is!!!" The angel heard the yell of a human and snapped his head around to see a group of those weird humans standing a foot from him. Oh boy, here we go again... he thought as he took off running, pursued by the humans.
He ran for, what felt like, hours before he finally lost those humans again. The angel stopped inside another alleyway, panting from exertion of the run. He eventually straightened himself up and looked around the new alley he was in.
This one was covered in angelic runes.
The angel was confused now. Where'd all these runes come from?? Someone had to have made these! Runes can't just magically manifest! He gritted his teeth, now trying to read the ancient runes.
The Blue Angel...The Blue Angel...The Blue Angel...
That's all the runes said. 'The Blue Angel'. The male angel reading the runes was becoming more and more baffled by this. What the hell is going on? he wondered, First weird humans chase me, and now here are these weird runes. Suddenly, as he looked further down the alleyway, he saw more runes. Yes, this might seem to be the same runes like all around the alley, but these runes were different. They were written in red.

The Angel's blood shall spill.

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