Death's Angel

Have you ever wondered how Haven got our souls or how Hell did?
Well here's the answer to one


1. Chapter 1


He let out a strangled scream as the blade pierced his skin over and over. Blood trickled down and soaked his trousers a bright scarlet. He clenched his fists until his knuckles turned white as the blade slowly slid into his stomach. The deep wound caused a puddle to form at his feet mixing with the sweat that dripped from his brow. 

"Why do you fight?" The voice hissed in his ear as the blade met his shoulder blade and sunk deep into the soft flesh.

"You know you can stop all of this" He gritted his teeth as the blade was pulled painfully slow out of his skin. He let out another howl of pain as the blade was replaced by a long whip which was soon slick with blood as it turned his back into a bloody mess.  

She watched helplessly as they tortured him over and over. She watched every expression that crossed his face: Anger, fear, pain, loneliness and pity. She watched as the cloaked figure grabbed the boys head and pulled it back so fast she thought that his head would come right off.

"Your lucky the boss wants you alive" The figure threw the boys head forward and left the boy. 

She awoke covered in sweat that soaked her sheets. Panic filled eyes soon surveyed the area and she noticed that it was the same rundown attic she had found a week before but at a reasonable price . Her hand ran through her pitch black hair that clung to her forehead. She had been having the same nightmare for a while now the same boy and the same cloaked figure but different torture every time. She got up and stumbled into the bathroom in the corner of her small  apartment if you could call it that.

She looked into the mirror and it was the same reflection she always got. A young girl around 18 with long black hair and dull blue eyes stared back at her and had the same expressionless face it always had. She wondered what had she done to deserve this? Why had she been cursed to see this boy get tortured?

She closed her eyes and tried to get the boys face out of her head so she could continue her day without wondering what was happening to the boy. She quickly dressed, grabbed her shoulder bag, keys and ran down the stairs nearly running into John on her way down.

"Sorry" She called over her shoulder as she ran out of the apartment building and down the dimly lit streets. The dark ally ways promised a way out of her messed up life and for once she considered going down one but soon pushed the thought out of her mind as she rounded a corner and arrived at her destination.  

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