Vampire Bites

At lunch Ellie headed to the bathroom to check her makeup, after she headed to the door but it was locked she pulled on it for a bit but nothing happened, "hello!!" She banged her hands on the door, suddenly the lights started flickering "no please SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!" She screamed as loud as she could then everything went black, she grabbed her phone and called Caroline, she looked in the mirror and saw a dark figure in the corner she dropped her phone and turned around.


4. humanity back

I gave stefan a quick look and then started asking him questions about it but he didn't even look at me his eyes only focused on elena.

"Stefan!!" I loudly whisper, he slowly moves his head around to me and informs me to be quite. I grab Caroline's arm and pull her into the bathroom, she looks down and mumbles something. I grab shoulder and pull her in for a hug " she was a lost corse, but I still had hope that she would make it you know, come back to town with Damon, and then elena would be happy, the worst way of getting your humanity back is your best friend dying"

She says lots of things about elena and Bonnie and Damon but octant fully understand her. I pull her in for a stronger hug and try and remind her of happy thoughts it nothing seems to help. I run outside with Caroline to get stefan and elena

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