Times victim

A girl who remembers her past lives in a modern day life with more puzzles that include all of her past coming back at her in revenge and for acceptance she must figure it out before this life is up


1. time zone: Egyptian

Time. When you think about  it time is limited. ONe simply does not know when ones time is over and thus what await us after death.
I know. I have died and came back. Several years in fact I can remember every life,it can be pretty crowded in my brain with all the personalities and lives of times gone past all crammed in one cerebral cortex.
I was there when the tales and myths of Osiris and Isis. Then my name was Nephthys and I was a trainee priestess in the Temple of Amun, my time was over when my father decided to sell me as a slave in order to pay off his debts, my master then was a cruel man who delighted in beating his slaves within an inch of their lives if they were slow or lacking. Back then I was obstinate and headstrong something that has remained in all my lives and my master made an example of me. By example he beat me until I passed out. I awoke in my master's room and naked. Nudity was common, it was not that that repulsed me it was the man himself who lay beside me blood covered his flaccid member and as I looked down at myself saw I was covered in my own blood. I killed him and then myself that night knowing that the 'Devourer would eat my soul and find it unworthy of the afterlife. 

I took that journey. It was a blinding white room. I was puzzled, this was nothing like the priests and priestess' preached. As I looked I noticed a man and a woman standing to one side.

"Daughter." They said in unison. The man had golden bronzed skin and dark hair. Nothing really unusual in Egypt in those days but his eyes were blue, bluer than the sky.

The woman however her eyes were almost violet and her skin was paler than the mans, more a tanned than a golden bronze and her hair was blonde but a shimmery blonde.

~~“I don’t understand.” I told them as they came closer, smiles adorned their lips and I noticed they were unearthly beautiful. They opened their arms and embraced me.
“You are our real daughter, the father whom you have called him since you were a baby is a cruel man who we thought would change if he was given a child.” They looked at one another. “We were wrong.”
“His wife, your mother who died in childbirth prayed to us daily to give her a child, a child that would help your father. We simply gave them you.”
“I’m still confused. You said you were my father and mother?”
“You are.” The woman hugged me. “You are of our blood. We had to use magic to transfer you from my body to that woman’s. It was a heartache but at the time we had to do it.”
“Had to do it?” I crossed my arms over my chest and backed away.
~~“Yes. Our realm was at war darling, it wasn’t safe for you.” The woman said her face and eyes were sad.
“The afterlife.” The man said.
I thought. Then aloud I said. “So your-“
“Yes we are.”

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