How dare you

Dakota has been brother free for five months. What will happen when Hayes and Nash come home with a bunch of boys. Will love grow or will the brothers not allow it. Read more to find out!


8. Chapter 8

I was crying as he wrapped me in a hug. I'm sorry it's just that, I know I cut him off Amber I looked down. Yeah his response was soft. But anyways we never do anything that we used to do when we were only friends so maybe we can go back to being like that he nodded and kissed my cheek. Bye friend I guess I smiled as he walked down the driveway. I shut the door so I couldn't see him drive off. My room was like a Mini apartment with a kitchen bathroom small living room then my bedroom. I didn't want anyone to know that me and Alex broke up so I filled up the kitchen and bathroom so I could have me time. It really didn't last long before Nash came in. How did you get in I moaned he held up a key. Tell me why there is a picture on Instagram of Alex and Amber kissing? He kinda broke up with me I started crying. His eyes went wide it was a joke I just wanted to get back at you for this morning but I would of told you later. And Matt was kinda recording and all the boys were watching they all steped out. Did he really Nash asked looking worried. I nodded then starting crying on Nash's shoulder. I actually was going to break up with him I miss our friendship we used to have. But he beat me to it I laughed. I'm actually going to meet him I checked my phone in about 30 minutes I got up. Wait Nash stopped me he just broke up with you and your going to meet up with him. We are friends and your in my way I changed my top and shorts while he was nagging me. I was done changing I steped out he was still going on. Nash I love you but it's my life and thank you I kissed him on the cheek then walked downstairs. Hayes was spinning around Sklynn he stopped her and she ran to the back door then left. Woah woah woah Shawn sang where do you think your going. Yes! That's what I wonder Taylor said. Going to see... Alex I whispered quickly. Wait Matt stopped me the guy who JUST broke up with you. Yup I started to take another step but Cam stopped me Nash your going to let her go see him. I tried to stop her but she insisted on going. Bi guys I waved then steped into my Jeep then drove off.

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