How dare you

Dakota has been brother free for five months. What will happen when Hayes and Nash come home with a bunch of boys. Will love grow or will the brothers not allow it. Read more to find out!


7. Chapter 7

My eyes floated open and after about ten seconds of laying in the same spot I heard a click go off I shot up and there stood Cameron, Matt and Taylor with all their phones I knew that they were taking pictures. TAYLOR! Why did you leave the ringer on! Sorry he had a stupid grin on his face. Why are you taking a picture? I asked shaking my head while grabbing my robe and wrapping it around me. Want to wake up Nash I asked. How Cameron was already hooked. You get the Camera I pointed at Matt. He ran off Taylor go get a feather from the pillow in the living room he nodded then walked into the wall. Matt burst out laughing I got that all on camera he spat out. Taylor rubbed his head then walked off. Last Cameron go get the whip cream. Matt had a evil smile on his face I figured he knew what I was doing now. I pulled the boys out into the hallway then Matt started recording. Hi guys it's me Dakota along with Matt, Taylor and Cameron. It's early in the Grier household and we are going to do a few things to Nash but NEVER Hayes he's my favorite I winked. Here we go Cam said as we opened the door. I smiled as I put whip cream in Nash's hand. Here we go... Matt got out the feather then put it under his nose. Nash put his hand to his face and he had whipped cream on his face. But what the boys didn't know was that I had more to come. My hand was already filled with whip cream I smacked it on Nash's face " THATS FOR MAKING ME BREAK UP WITH DANI " I yelled. He shot up and had a frown on his face. OHHHH look who has a frownie face Taylor cooned. Nash grabbed the can and sprayed it on his hand I prepared for a slap but instead he went for Hayes . He instantly woke up with a shocked look on his face. NO NASH NOT MY HAYESIE POO BEAR!!!! Everyone laughed. Nash reached for the can but I beat him to it NOT when I'm the one Incharge of the house. Fine they all went downstairs giving me a chance to shower. When I got downstairs Alex was the only one there. He was the first to speak. Hey babe we need to talk...

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