How dare you

Dakota has been brother free for five months. What will happen when Hayes and Nash come home with a bunch of boys. Will love grow or will the brothers not allow it. Read more to find out!


6. Chapter 6

When I came back from my date Alex and I were standing at my front porch. I hoped we weren't one of those couples that just say goodbye and leave I like a hug or a kiss not too much. JUST KISS HER! Nash screamed. I rolled my eyes then Alex pulled me closer to him and he smashed his lips against mine we had never kissed like this before I could just imagine the looks on the boys faces. When we both finally pulled away I turned and opened the door without saying goodbye. I looked out the peep hole he stood there for about 20 seconds with a shocked look on his face I smiled then turned around to see a mad looking Nash. What makes you think you can kiss a boy like that. He had his arms crossed. Whe makes you think you act like my parents I shot back. He looked down didn't she tell you. No? She left to spend the rest of the couple of years with dad they extended it to 2 more years. We can use the credit card but we have to take care of Hayes and Sklynn. So I will be looking out for you now. Oh what till you leave again and leave me to take care of Sklynn. And clean the house make dinner take her to school everyday when I have a lot of other things to do. Dance team I have to work on my solo I'm going to be in 10th grade that's a lot of work for a dance team considering I could get on varsity this year. I can't give it all up. Nash was looking guilty by now. You don't have to worry about all that you have girls screaming your name also did I mention that you get to go on all this cool stuff like sixflags water parks. And for school it's on your own schedule some days you don't even do it. You also have no homework and Hayes doesn't really need to be taken care of like Sklynn. Nash had no look on his face but the guilty one. Come on Dakota it's not that bad Cameron spoke up. Oh really I have done this before and my grades were falling I almost got kicked off the dance team. And my mother was even there but she was always working she even has a aparment by where she works so the only time she's home is Sundays that's it. I was in tear by now but who can blame me I was tired of this. Is that all true Nash Taylor asked. He nodded without looking up at me. I'm going to bed I turned away without looking at anyone but I did glace at Shawn who had a blank face.

After about 1 hour of me sleeping I felt somebody climbing into my bed. Can I sleep with you it was Hayes voice. I opened the covers for him he layed next to me I wrapped my arms around him. Do you think the reason mom left is because she thinks dad is cheating on her? Because I heard her crying about it to one of her friends the other night. I didn't know how to answer that he was 14. That's what I think to Hayes she would always ask me then burst into tears. Hayes was crying I wipped his tears then held him tighter until I knew he was asleep Hayes was a really heavy sleeper. I felt another person get into my bed thank goodness it was a king sized bed. At first I thought it was Sklynn but when I turned over I saw a pair of bright blue eyes it was Nash. I'm sorry I didn't even think about what you had to go through when mom wasn't here. It's ok I pulled him in for a hug. Do you really think dad is cheating. He asked yes I do I replied me too he was crying. Good night I whispered I love you he whispered then fell asleep I smiled to myself.

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