How dare you

Dakota has been brother free for five months. What will happen when Hayes and Nash come home with a bunch of boys. Will love grow or will the brothers not allow it. Read more to find out!


4. Chapter 4

The door slammed and came in my brothers, Taylor, Matthew and Cameron were standing by my boom box. Nash reached over and turned it off. I put down my weights then stared at him. Can you move we want to lift weights and Matt over here will run on the treadmill while a 14 year old shows him up Nash asked. I laughed while turning up my music to my dance playlist. Cinama played I started improving, at first it was a lyrical but when the beat dropped I started into a full of hip hop with a bit of jazz in it. I finished my Zumba routine that I do everyday after improv then I moved over to the treadmill by Matt and started running by him. By now black widow was playing and I started singing along I would never know if I had a good voice but Matt looked over at me and smiled so I knew I must have at least a ok voice. I felt a sudden jolt in my back I screamed and fell when I was turning around and hit my head on the still moving treadmill. Taylor reached over and turned it off. Cameron was the one who made me fall I would get him back later.

I was sitting with a ice pack on my head when Hayes and I's song came on. We both looked at each other and stood up then froze. Nash knew what was going on he turned up the music Lolly started playing. The other boys had no idea what was going on. We all grabbed a 2 lb weight and turned around when the beat picked up with me in the middle Nash and Hayes on my sides we started our dance. I'm surprised they remembered it it had been a long time since we did it but we did work on it for a month. When we were done the boys all had blank faces. Taylor was the one to break the silence by screaming LETS DANCE as the footloose theme song came on. To my surprise he knew the whole thing. We were all laughing by the time it was over. Since Matt hadn't danced he videoed and vined it. Mom came in and made us be quiet since Sklynn had gone to bed. It was around nine and the weather was not hot or too cold it was perfect. I whispered to Nash something and he nodded with a smile. Alright I yelled. My mom gave me the cold stare. Cam stuck he tounge out at me. Matt and Taylor go get the rest of the boys. Cameron come help me Nash and Hayes with something's. Meet us downstairs I told Matt and Taylor. Hayes and I were laughing as we sneaked downstairs to not wake up Sklynn. Hayes and I got stuff for s'mores while Nash and Cam got the sodas. We met everyone out in the back by the pool where the fire pit was. Shawn both Jacks and I started singing Latch soon everyone was singing it wasn't all that bad it was the best. Our s'mores were heaven I could have died if I had ate more then three. We all told stories about our selfs laughing out if hand while drinking our sodas. None of us made it back to our beds that night and I'm glad I fell asleep with my new family.

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