How dare you

Dakota has been brother free for five months. What will happen when Hayes and Nash come home with a bunch of boys. Will love grow or will the brothers not allow it. Read more to find out!


3. Chapter 3

Nash''s POV

Cameron looked at me and cracked a smile. She must love food Taylor pointed out Hayes laughed and nodded. When the boys and I got inside half of the pizza was gone. Zauymm Cameron commented looking at Dakota. What? she looked fake hurt. Welcome to the life of living with my 15 year old sister. The boys and I spent the rest of the evening (6:30-8:00) in the basement playing pool, skeeball and ping pong. Cameron, Taylor, Matt, Hayes and I went upstairs to the gym that my dad made. As we got closer I heard the music booming from the gym. I looked at my watch then noticed it was the same time Dakota is always in the gym. Hope you don't mind but Dakota will be in there for another hour. What Taylor protested I'm gonna be shirtless I don't need her staring at me. Matt laughed we are all gonna be shirtless so...Hayes looked at me and rolled his eyes. And guys just saying she doesn't like T shirts. So that means sports bra and abbs think you can handle it. I high fived Hayes then walked in.

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