How dare you

Dakota has been brother free for five months. What will happen when Hayes and Nash come home with a bunch of boys. Will love grow or will the brothers not allow it. Read more to find out!


2. Chapter 2

Nash came in and looked at the orange juice on the island. You just told her didn't you. He said turning to mom laughing. Yes I did and she is fine with it. I turned to look at her really? I left the room and traveled up the stairs to the second floor where all the guest bedrooms were and Hayes, Nash and Sklynn's bedrooms were. I have the biggest bedroom since the boys were gone a long time so why have me in the small bedroom. I was on the third floor. I have my own staircase to my room. I went onto my balcony to see all the boys outside playing with the dog probably vineing it. It was really hot so I decided to swim. (The pictures will be down below hopefully) I grabbed my sunglasses towel and huge Ihome radio then went downstairs. Mom? I'm in here she yelled from the kitchen. I grabbed a piece of bacon then went outside. We have an outdoor refrigerator so I grabbed a ice cold coke. I got inside the pool then layed down on a relaxing raft. It was too quiet time for some music I turned up Yonce and layed there until the next song played which was na na I turned it up even louder. The boys soon showed up and were staring at me Nash rolled his eyes so I smirked at him. Riley hadn't seen Hayes yet so when my mom let Riley out he ran up to Hayes and tackled him he fell back into the pool. Nash had known to record since this happens every year Riley tackles Hayes and he falls back this was the first year it had been in the pool though. Everyone was laughing when he came up he had a mad face. Mom came out with boxes of pizza dang it got late quick. YAS! I said very happily then ran inside to change.  


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