How dare you

Dakota has been brother free for five months. What will happen when Hayes and Nash come home with a bunch of boys. Will love grow or will the brothers not allow it. Read more to find out!


19. Chapter 18

Everyone knows about Taylor and I the family my friends his friends and his fans.... sometimes I just don't want to hear he's mine not yours but most other time it doesn't bother me and Taylor knows it. Taylor and I sitting on my bed watching a movie when Nash barges In with Hayes and Cameron. He looks mad. OUT! Taylor shoots up and runs out the door. I don't get mad because he would never yell at Taylor like that unless something was wrong. I pulled my headphone off my head family meeting he called. Why aren't you packing he asked. I didn't know you knew about that. We all got them Cameron added I looked up. Hayes was smiling. Last week I got a letter that I had been invited to one of the best boarding schools in this state but it's not like the one with uniforms or colorless rooms and loads of homework it's like a collage. I didn't want to go because Hayes Nash or Cam wouldn't be there. So I didn't tell anyone about it but I guess they were told I was invited too.

We are at the mall all the boys are there. I took Hayes Nash Cam Matt and Taylor with me and the rest split up we would meet up in 3 hours. By the time we all had like 15 bags in each hand I was starving all the boys went to Nike while I ran over to Victoria secret I only spent about 30 minutes in there. The boys weren't at the food court so I got me some Panda Express then sat down a girl came up to me she had blonde hair and green eyes is this your wallet I saw it fall out of your bag yes I smiled is that the new Bethany Mota bedding she pointed to my bag yes I smiled I'm going to a new boarding school I think it's called Mc Allen's boarding school NO WAY that's where I am starting this coming year. Please tell me your name is Alex Andrews we'll somebody's a stalker she smiled and I'm guessing you are Dakota Grier AHHHHHHH She sat down and we both starting talking on and on by the time the boys came we almost knew everything about each other. Nash couldn't take his eyes off her. I'm going to do some more shopping with Alex I handed them my bags take these home will ya Hayes nodded why don't you come over for dinner and travel with us to the school we have a RV that we are going to keep up there for road trips so why don't you come with us Dakotas room has bunk beds Hayes offered. She smiled I will need to get my bags though we will pick you up in the morning then. When will came back from shopping we had half of our stuff was shipped to our dorm. We drove back to my house and half of the stuff was packed up in box's the rest will be put into storage the house had been bought which put me to tears. Hayes came running from the kitchen MOMS HERE he had a big goofy grin on his face. I ran into the kitchen to see my dad talking to Nash. DAD he turned around and I ran into his arms we were both crying Nash and Hayes had seen Dad but hadn't seen him in like 5 years. There was a bunch of letters and presents on the table this's was day ever.

A/N I am now twelve yesterday was my birthday and I still can't find a good ending to a chapter. One more thing IM ALMOST TO ONE HUNDRED READS!!!!! And I'm almost halfway done with the story thank you all for whoever reads this I thought I had published this chapter but I guess not this story will get better I may end it then add A new add on story in the next few chapters or this next one you will find out the meaning of the story!!

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