How dare you

Dakota has been brother free for five months. What will happen when Hayes and Nash come home with a bunch of boys. Will love grow or will the brothers not allow it. Read more to find out!


15. Chapter 14

Nash's POV

Nash's POV

I was so worried when they took Dakota back. I tried not to think about her until the doctor had come back but I failed. I'm still wondering if there is something going on between Matt and Dokota. He had left the room at lease twice and hasn't come back yet. The docter comes in everyone looks up. He shakes his head I'm so sorry.... My mother burst into tear my whole heart fell. The docter continued on that she won't be Able to dance for a while. Everyone looked confused until Matt walked in with Dakota GOT YA she screamed. Everyone was laughing except my mother and I. Matt were you In on this Taylor asked. Yes I was there when she woke up right over there he pointed over to the bed. Why didn't you tell us I tried to say calmly. She wanted to prank you guys he laughed. Dakota got to go home 4 days later the Dr said she could still got up the stairs since she got her stitches out and she can walk. I was relived that my little sister was ok I put my arm around he and Hayes as we all walked out of the hospital.

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