Stay With Me Until I Fall Asleep

Inspirered of Kiss It All Better af He is We
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1. Stay Untill I Fall Sleep

A young man sits in a cell and looks at his hands. The hands that is to blame for him being in this cell and having to stay in one for 25 years to life. In the end he can't even look at them anymore so he closes his eyes and just let himself let lost in his thoughts.

He doesn't even regret what he had done to end up here. Maybe one day he will, but the only thing he regrets right now is who he can never hold again. Why haven't he called an ambulance the second he heard the bang, what if he had done something different? Is there another universe where the reality isn't as cruel and he hold her at home right now, or she somehow would come back, or just a universe where she would lay in a hospital bed and she or someone else would reassure him that she will be as good as before. He shakes his head at that. She will never be as before or even just the slightest bit better.
The pictures from two nights before shows itself as a film before his eyes.

They were laughing. Him and the most wonderful young girl he had ever met and had enjoyed the most wonderful years of his life with. They had just watched a romantic comedy and talked lively about very little thing they found extra funny or romantic in it. One second he was just looking at her vividly talking about a part she loved with that smile he loved so much he just couldn't stop himself from smiling big at her, and the next he heard a gunshot and saw his love falling to the ground. Because of their connected hands he went down with her and without even thinking put her on his lap with her head on his arm.

He looked confused and worried at her until he heard a gasp. He looked up and saw a man around his own age look at them terrified before he threw a still smoking gun and turned around and ran away as fast as he could.

The focus of his attention changed again when he felt a cold hand on his cheek. With a voice filled with panic he started to rank himself with how they should have chose another movie, street or anything really. With teary eyes and a shaky voice the bleeding woman in his arms interrupted his rank "It's not your fault, love. You didn't know."  She started to cry "Kiss me." He was about to say something but stopped when he saw she had more to say "Please kiss it all better. I'm... I'm afraid and just not ready to go"
Very aware of the abnormal coldness of her skin he put a hand to her face and kissed her tenderly on her lips. Trying to not cry he brushed his fingers over her now extremely pale cheek and said  "Everything will be alright, love. Just stay right here with me" She looked at him with a sad smile but all he could see was how her eyes seemed slightly out of focus and she said "You know I can't... I'm going to... to" He knew what she was going to say and that he wouldn't be able to handle it, so he didn't let her finish "Okay then I'm going to stay here until you fall asleep.

The next minutes seemed like hours to both lovers. She got harder and harder to reach even though she fought hard to stay conscious. It happened slowly at first but in the end she just stared right into space no matter how much he yelled and cried for her to come back, and then she just turned the white of her eyes out and then they closed to never open again.

For a single moment he allowed himself to be weak and the tears poured down his cheeks, but then he laid eyes on the neglected gun and a sentence found its way out of his mouth without him really noticing it "I'll avenge my lover tonight" Gently he kissed her forehead and laid her on the ground before he took the gun from the ground and began his search.

The next time was a big blur, but he knows he found the killer of his lover after he had been looking for hours. He remember the horror written in the young mans face when he saw him again. He looked crazy and dangerous with his hair and clothes stiff and brown from blood and a intimidating look in his eyes of a man who no longer have anything to lose. The unarmed man turned his back to the other one to run away, but didn't get far before a gunshot was heard and he fell with a bleeding hole from his back and his heart.

A tear fell down his cheek and as a tear fall on his wrist he become painfully aware of the bracelet she made for him a few years back and how alone he feels. He opens his eyes and looks at the worn accessory, which is the only physical thing he can relate to his memories of her. Both the good times, the bad ones, and the last short while of her life, but even without it he wouldn't have a hard time holding on to her memory. Which is all she is now.

With a tearstained face he looks up in the ceiling and whispers "Kiss it all better and stay with me until I fall asleep"

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