Just Some Song Lyrics

Just some song lyrics that I relate to so much, get me through everyday, help me in my darkest times, inspire me and tell the truth, or I really love the song and just decided to post it on Movellas for anyone to read.

NOTE: Some of the song lyrics may include profanity , inappropriate language or possible things you may not like.


67. Sound the Bugle - Bryan Adams

Suggested by @ChelberNo.1

Sound the bugle now - play it just for me

As the seasons change - remember how I used to be

Now I can't go on - I can't even start

I've got nothing left - just an empty heart


I'm a soldier - wounded so I must give up the fight

There's nothing more for me - lead me away...

Or leave me lying here


Sound the bugle now - tell them I don't care

There's not a road I know - that leads to anywhere

Without a light I fear that I will stumble in the dark

Lay right down - decide not to go on


Then from on high - somewhere in the distance

There's a voice that calls, "Remember who you are"

If you lose yourself - your courage soon will follow


So be strong tonight - remember who you are

Yeah you're a soldier now - fighting in a battle

To be free once more - yeah, that's worth fighting for

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